So, what is this exactly?

I first started this blog in July 2008 with the intention of completing a series of 52 week-long projects over the course of one year. This was to both allow myself to try new things, and to provide myself with some challenges to overcome.

Then reality set in.

I discovered that juggling a job, being a full-time student and being held in the clutches of morning sickness didn't exactly leave much time (or energy!) for regular projects.

But I had discovered that I loved my little projects, and was unwilling to give them up completely, which is how I ended up with the format I have today, where my projects are more sporadic and a bit less time consuming.

Which works well for a first-time mama like me.

However, I do return to the old format every once in a while, and occasionally undertake some quite ambitious projects, like 30 days of 29, where I completed one new project every day for the month leading up to my 30th birthday.

I hope you enjoy your visit here, and would love to hear back from you :)