Party planning

This week has been mostly devoted to planning Nick's 30th birthday party this weekend. I am currently in the final throes of planning the menu and the accompanying shopping, and finalizing the guest list - the rest of the RSVPs should be in today or tomorrow. I still need to clean the house (prep the venue, if you will) and figure out where to put 25 of our closest friends. I love me a good party, so it's all fun and exciting, but the more of the prep work I can get out of the way now, the less Nick has to do on his birthday weekend. I can't tell you too much of the schedule (because that might ruin the surprise!), but suffice it to say that three days of celebration has been lined up for Nick's Big Birthday. I'll give you an update when it's all over :)

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  1. YEAH HAPPY DAY! I hope it all turned out great!!! Happy Birthday Nick!!!

  2. Oh man, you are a good wife! Poor Clay got far less excitement on his 30th:) Maybe for his 31st...
    I can't wait to read about all the festivities.
    And we're really excited to see you guys when we move out (Nov. 8th we head west!).

  3. Our apologies that we couldn't make it! We wanted to, but there was just too much going on. Hope you had a fabulously enjoyable time!


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