Friday, April 16, 2010

Be a Better Blogger Week: "What I've done"

Holy SCHMOLY, that was a lot of work!

I spent a large chunk of the evening going through the "What I've done" list of completed projects on the left, and tagging and organizing into lovely clickable links. So now you, my loveliest friend, can go delving through almost two years of Project Project with ease and a song in your heart.

Can't you feel the song right now?

Actually, it was kind of fun to go back and see what I've been up to since I started this little bloggyness back in the day of 2008. Some of the projects were so fun that I kind of want to go back and do them again, and some are great to have done without me ever feeling the need to go back there again. And now I feel all inspired to get all projecty.

In other news, a volcano in Iceland is seriously messing with my life. My parents are supposed to come out for a three week visit on Wednesday, but now it looks like they might be delayed. By volcanic ash. If you can invent some sort of air purifying device to take care of that by Wednesday (at the latest), I'd be much obliged.

Also, Espen had his 2 month check-up, and is nothing but long and lovely (24 1/4 inches or 61cm), if a bit on the skinny side (11 lbs or 5 kg). He lights up my life.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Be a Better Blogger Week: New Profile Photo

You know what's lame? When people have to submit a photo of themselves to something, and it was obviously taken back in the 70s. OK, the 70s would be kind of awesome. But having a really old photo representing you is not so awesome. So I updated mine. Gone is the ubiquitous eye in ever-mysterious sepia tone of 2003, here to stay is the pouty-lipped minx of 2010. Who also happens to be 9 months pregnant in said photo, but I won't tell anyone if you won't.

What do you think? Am improvement, or did you prefer me when I was just an eye?

But, now on to more important things. Namely, the sound of cookies being baked in my kitchen.

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be a Better Blogger Week: Ongoing Projects - now extra sparkly

We just put an extremely tired and therefore grumpy little man (meaning Espen, we have not acquired any diminutive menfolk of late) to bed, and so I am a little on the tired and grumpy side myself. Meaning this is going to be short and sweet. A few things:

1) I think last night's blog came across a little heavier on the emo-side than I had intended. But thank you for loving me and supporting me in my desires to fill the internet with endless malarkey for years to come.

2) Espen is still cute. As requested, I have included a photo of him, expertly snapped by his mother on her cellphone.

3) Today's blog improvement is something I've been wanting to do for ages, but never actually got around to. I added links to the "Ongoing Projects" section over in the right column so you can now read all the posts in a given project by just clicking on them. Aahhh, that feels good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be a Better Blogger Week: Does size count?

Today's post is a little on the navel-gazing, mousy side, but I am making up for it with a picture of the ever-adorable Espen. Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks? I do :)

One of the things that often stops me from blogging more often is that I have so much to say that each post is nigh-unto a novella by the time I'm done. And if I'm going to be completely honest here, I think the point is that it takes me about three times as long as the average person to get to the point. See, couldn't you have said that in about half the wordage?

I am loooongwinded.

I was talking to Stepper the other day about how longwindedness comes from a fondness for words. When you like words as much as I do, you find yourself trying to use as many of them as possible while conveying even the simplest ideas. I do it in talking and I do it in writing. And now I'm doing it again!

I've noticed that my blog posts tend to be pages and pages long (how do you say that in terms of computers? Screens and screens?) where lots of people seem to manage to whip up wonderfully charming posts in just a couple of paragraphs and a picture. And while I have fun crafting my beloved words into sentence upon sentence, I often find myself wondering if anyone is still with me at the end.

Is there anybody out there?

So, in a bold attempt to keep my tens of readers with me, I'm going to ask you what you think. Do I drivel on endlessly without any rhyme or reason, and if so, do you like it that way? Or do you prefer the kind of blog that actually ponies up a point every once in a while?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Be a Better Blogger Week

I wanted to start my next 100 blog posts on the right foot, so I'm going to be devoting this coming week to some tweaking and general improvements around here on Project Project.

First up, for today I've finally added an email address specifically for the blog. So, if you want to contact me and don't want to do it in the form of a comment here on the blog, feel free to send me an email at tamsin.project.project at

Second, I love it when people respond to my comments on their blog, so I'm going to try to be better at doing that on my own blog. And to show I mean business, I've gone back and responded to every comment left for the last 10 posts. Ha!

Third, all the best blogs post regularly, so I am going to try my darndest to post every day this week.

See you tomorrow!

* Image created at

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project Project: Blog Post 100!

This is my 100th blogpost, and I am celebrating in all humility with a new blog header that I put together myself. Time to go beyond the Blogger templates, my friends! Aren't I just the budding graphic designer? HTML is not exactly what I'd call my second language, (or third, or fourth, or... ) but fortunately I married someone who communes with our computery friends, so I was able to get it figured out. I was going to add some photos, but then decided that I don't really want to be stuck staring at my own face every time I update my blog.

But yay, blog number 100!

I started this blog mostly for fun, as a bit of a creative outlet and to indulge my commitment-phobic self by letting me try out all sorts of new things without actually having to stick to any of them. Which is why I can proudly boast that I have been both a vegetarian and a daily exerciser for exactly one week each!

Along the way I discovered a few projects that I wanted to keep up, such as Project Cheer, Know Your Fork and Eco Geeko, all projects I will continue to revisit in the future. Then along came Project Baby and totally rocked my world (AKA took over my every thought and deed). Life-changing events, people, right here on my little ol' blog!

So, onwards and upwards! And if you have any suggestions for future projects for me, let me know!