Be a Better Blogger Week

I wanted to start my next 100 blog posts on the right foot, so I'm going to be devoting this coming week to some tweaking and general improvements around here on Project Project.

First up, for today I've finally added an email address specifically for the blog. So, if you want to contact me and don't want to do it in the form of a comment here on the blog, feel free to send me an email at tamsin.project.project at

Second, I love it when people respond to my comments on their blog, so I'm going to try to be better at doing that on my own blog. And to show I mean business, I've gone back and responded to every comment left for the last 10 posts. Ha!

Third, all the best blogs post regularly, so I am going to try my darndest to post every day this week.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I'm commenting just for the sake of commenting and to make you have to comment back. Ha! :)

    I love your face.

    Also, we got Espen's birth announcement/thank you note. He is so cute, and you guys are the best!



  2. yayyy! more blogging! I cant wait to read more from you (you should include that cute little guy of yours-espen i mean) cant wait ...:)

  3. Ohh how much fun will this week be then... Looking forward on seeing you around alot more...

    Saw granny today.. :-) she says hi back..

    Hoping for a couple of bonus pic`s of Espen David this week then maybe..

  4. Erin, it makes me so happy when you comment on my blog, because I know it requires extra clicks to get over here from Google Reader. I appreciate the dedication to my bloggage :) Also, I'm glad the announcement made it to you. Don't you just love that little face?

    Madsta, I'm so glad you actually request photos of Espen. It makes me feel like I can legitimately gush over my child without any inhibitions!

    Wendy, you are so nice! I'm glad you like my blog, because I read yours all the time. And I'm sure I can post a couple of photos of Espen. Ha! Try to stop me!


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