Be a Better Blogger Week: New Profile Photo

You know what's lame? When people have to submit a photo of themselves to something, and it was obviously taken back in the 70s. OK, the 70s would be kind of awesome. But having a really old photo representing you is not so awesome. So I updated mine. Gone is the ubiquitous eye in ever-mysterious sepia tone of 2003, here to stay is the pouty-lipped minx of 2010. Who also happens to be 9 months pregnant in said photo, but I won't tell anyone if you won't.

What do you think? Am improvement, or did you prefer me when I was just an eye?

But, now on to more important things. Namely, the sound of cookies being baked in my kitchen.

Until tomorrow!


  1. an improvement (though it was a nice eye) that is a lovely picture, your hair looks so shiny, and your skin so glowy! (i know its not a word) no one would know you were with child, the be a better blogger week is proving very exciting!

  2. Okay...I come out of my no-internet haze (not productively intentional like yours was) to find that you've been posting EVERY DAY THIS WEEK?! And I've been MISSING IT?!

    Further confirmation that being 'logged off' is actually bad for the health.

    Mm-kay - I have another shower to throw this evening, but you better believe after that I'm going to be pouring over the archives of this week in DELIGHT!

    Also: love the minx. Loved the eye, too - but definitely think the update is more you. I mean - yes, more OF you...but also more your flavor. Your blog is pretty minxy of late.

    And now I go to create cupcakes. Joy.

    Oh - but Daphne would like me to relay the following to Espen:

    Rooowr! Graaa! Rowrowr!

  3. Madsta, you are so nice that I think I am going to start carrying you around in my pocket to pull out in times of need.

    Stepper, it's a good thing when I take an internet break, but when you do, I miss your blog posts! Or just you in general. Because, y'know, the parking lot is just too big to traverse.

    Also, Espen's response to Daphne is as follows: Ggga! Ma! Oioioioi! *scowlgrinlookofgreatconcern*


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