I'm Back

Well, after a lengthy break of a month with no posts, I have returned. This sabbatical was due to all kinds of things (a month-long house guest, midterms, new callings at church, getting ready for the holidays, etc, etc, etc), but now I have a lovely week off school, and am enjoying a chance to both relax and get caught up on a few things. Although this blog project has mostly been idle since I've been gone, I have done a few things that I will be posting about shortly. In the mean time, there are two new posts that have now made it out of my draft box, so scroll down and get yourself caught up!

Also, it has come to my attention that I am a mere human. Shocking, I know. My weekly blog projects are crazy fun, but staying on top of them as well as everything else I'm trying to do right now, has been causing me some stress. And guilt. I do that a lot. I could outguilt the entire Catholic church if needs be, but that is another story. For now, I just don't think that something that is supposed to be fun should cause me guilt and stress, so I am kicking it down a notch, and only doing projects when I have the time and desire to do so. Which will hopefully be often!


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