Day 1: Love on your love week

In honour of Valentine's Day, I am officially declaring this Love On Your Love week.* It so happens that Valentine's Day is a holiday that I quite frankly adore and start looking forward to each year in about early January. It's not so much the flowers, or the chocolates, or going out to dinner that fills me heart with song (although I love those too!), but getting to spend an entire day in outright celebration of how much I love that man of mine is absolutely worth getting excited about in my book. Especially when he reciprocates ever so very nicely. Now, I know that some will say that it's dumb to celebrate one day out of 365, and that we should express our feelings all year round instead of just one day, and I agree wholeheartedly. However, seeing as there happens to be a holiday devoted to all things Loverly, I (meaning we) are going to celebrate it.
This year, I'm going to come up with something cute and sweet and fun and romantic every day leading up to V-day itself, so young Nicholas can feel the full force of my affections. Lucky him.

As we both have highly romantic colds right now, we started out the week on a pretty mellow note (ha!) by watching the music video to "our" song on Youtube. There were blankets, some handholding and some stuffy-nosed singing along. Aww!

Posted here for your viewing pleasure (especially if you happen to speak Swedish) is Lisa Ekdahl's "Vem Vet":

*Which does, in fact, spell LOYL, which is uncannily close to "loyal". Coincidence, I think not. Oh, except it actually was.


  1. Jeg må jo si at jeg elsker deg, jenta mi.

    Lisa Ekdahl har sagt det godt: "Du är en saga för god för att vara sann."

    -- Nick

  2. Du er så søt og god! Det er godt å vite at det er iallefall en som leser bloggen min :)


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