The Spending Hiatus

Yesterday marked the beginning of 1) My first ever shared project and 2) My first ever two month project. The North family household, Spanish Fork division is embarking on a two month spending hiatus!

This means that between May 17th and July 17th, there will be no unnecessary spending chez nous. No random impulse buys, only eating out if we go with friends, no recreational shopping, just say no!

The reasons for this are many and varied. OK, actually they're not at all. The reason is that we like to do fun things, eat good food and own nice stuff. We also like to own a car and a home and have electricity. These things all cost money, which in all honesty is fair enough. However, the problem with this is that if you do too much of A, B and C, it leaves less of said money for D, E and F (and G through Z). And did I mention that we had a baby?

This little guy = expensive.

Now, don't you worry, we are not on our way to a Dickensian style poorhouse just yet (although, briefly hold that thought as I just know I'd make a positively charming Victorian poor person. And can you imagine Espen in a sixpence?!?). Rest assured that Nick and I are the same creatures of comfort and leisure that we have always been. We* are however hoping to emerge as a little more fiscally responsible at the end of it.

Obviously, saving some money and getting in better financial shape is the number one goal for this project, but I'm seeing some other potential benefits as well:

  • Using things we already own rather than buying more stuff. I think we could really benefit from poking around our closets and cupboards and reacquainting ourselves with what we already own.
  • Learning how to practice a little self-restraint. Friends, I have so little!
  • Maybe it's the Anne of Green Gables romantic in me, but I'm sort of hoping we'll get a bit creative in how we spend our time and resources when we take money out of the equation.

So, this is how things are going to work on the blog for the next couple of months: I will post an update of the previous week on Mondays and tell you how things are progressing. I'm hoping that by making myself accountable to you, I'll be more likely to behave myself.

Bring on the pecuniary prudence!

Hmm, what's that you say? The hiatus ends the day before My Big Birthday? Oh, I hadn't really thought of that.

*Let's be honest, about 93% of the time when I say "we", I actually mean "I". Nick was likely fiscally responsible from birth, and has only recently had to contend with batting eyelids and pouty lips vying for his wallet.

Image borrowed here.


  1. Let us know if you need a friend to go out with as an excuse to eat dinner away from home ;)

  2. Ha! Babies are so expensive. And shopping for fun baby items is a big temptation for me!

  3. As we at the McCrery household are still in our own version of the Great Depression (and may not see the end of it until the kids leave home or Bill makes it big as a famous graphic designer, you know, whichever), I would first like to say APPLAUSE! and second - it can be a LOT of fun, getting creative with things nights at home. Meals created from the depths of the cupboard. Wrapping lettuce around children's feet for lack of shoes. That sort of thing. Oh, and third - you WOULD make a charming Victorian poor person.

  4. good luck...rather you than me! :) xxx

  5. if this work`s i will so steal you`r idea.
    it is not the baby that is exspensive it is all the things we think we need for them that cost`s to much..
    That picture is so cute.
    Did you know you`r baby is the cutest i have seen ofcource apart from my own.. :-))

    So hope to see you all ..

    ohh yea good luck..:-))

  6. Let it be known that"...The North family household, Netherlands division is joining the spending Hiatus ranks. Not in an attempt to copy, but out of pure necessity and lack of work! lol....P.s. I love your wordage in every blog you make. =D


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