Gwenyth Josephine.

If things have been quiet here on the blog lately, it's because they have been anything but quiet elsewhere.

9 days old.

Our little Gwen surprised us all by deciding to come a couple of weeks early, and life hasn't been the same since. We've been home from the hospital for a week now, and are starting to dip our toes into everyday life. Espen, our freshly-minted big brother, is returning home from a week with his grandparents this afternoon (having him gone was the right thing for lots of reasons, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I missed having that little body around), and we are about to start our life together as a family of four.

Let me tell you a little bit about Gwen. She loves to eat and sleep, and in her earlier days of life, will often slip quite seamlessly from one state to the other. Now that she's getting a little older, she will stay awake for longer stretches at a time, and peers quizzically (and a little skeptically) out at the world with her big dark eyes. Her temperament is generally very mild, unless she is a) hungry, b) having her diaper or clothes changed, c) being bathed or d) in the hands of a nurse. Then she will let you know how she feels. Gwen is a very snuggly baby, and is happiest when she can burrow her self to sleep in our arms. Sometimes she'll adjust herself so her little face is right against my neck, and it takes my breath away every single time.

As her parents, we are naturally convinced that we have produced yet another exceptionally beautiful child. Underneath the adorable newborn squish we see glimpses of a little girl with big brown eyes, a pointy little chin, high cheekbones and a mass of wild, dark hair. Watch out, world.

And if you're wondering about how a little girl like Gwen got a big name like Gwenyth Josephine, then let me tell you. She is named after my maternal grandmother Gwenyth (Gwen) and Nick's maternal grandmother Josephine (Jo). They both passed away within the last year or so, and both meant a great deal to our family. We think they are both beautiful names, and are happy to have a small part of those two wonderful women live on in our little girl.


And now it's time for me to figure out how to feed this baby and take a shower and get dressed all by myself. Oh, new motherhood. It's been a while!


  1. Congratulations on your darling girl. I LOVE her name, even before I read why those names are so special to you, just lovely. xx

  2. Congratulations! She looks so perfectly snuggly

  3. Congratulations. I love how she's holding her little hand so gracefully.


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