Roses from Nick, a vase from the kids. Feeling lucky and loved as always.

A little sign of life from me just in time to wish myself a happy birthday tomorrow - and to solicit happy birthday wishes from you, of course.

I hardly even know what to say about my 32nd year of life! I feel like I spent the first almost half of it being pregnant, then bam! Gwen was born, then it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, a new year, my mum coming to visit, Gwen's baby blessing, Espen's birthday, house hunting, buying a house, packing up our home, moving, packing our suitcases and flying to Norway, losing my dad. His funeral. Recovering. Then back on the plane, fly home, keep unpacking, get the house in the vaguest order, decide to sell our town home, landscape the yard, Nick and I both got struck down by The Cold of The Century, then I randomly needed surgery. Onto recovery, then the 4th of July, Espen gets sick, we work on getting the town home ready to sell, I suddenly have strep throat and then that brings us up to tonight (don't worry, antibiotics to the rescue!).

It has been such a crazy year with so much going on all the time that we seem to stop and remark on it almost every day. We've really had the best of times and the worst of times. It's hard to beat the wonder and joy of meeting your brand new daughter, and it's hard to beat to the loss and bewilderment of losing a father. And we've had almost everything in between. And through it all the feeling that has returned to me again and again is one of gratitude. We have so much. So many wonderful people love us and support us and care about our little family. I have a little girl who shrieks with delight every time she sees me after she wakes up, and a little boy who asks me questions like "You are the leader of the super heroes, right mom?" And I have a husband who loves and supports me and stays to argue with me and works hard for my happiness every single day.

32 has been a momentous year for me. Things have happened to me this year that have changed who I am for ever. I am grateful for it all. I can't wait to see what 33 has in store for me.


  1. happiest of birthdays to you! wow, what a crazy year you have had! so glad to know you and watch you learn and grow via this blog. ...oh, and the ridiculously cute quotes and photos of your offspring!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

  3. You are an amazing person and I hope you have the VERY BEST of happy birthdays today! You and Nick are so cute together, you have a special kind of love. Just know that I'm celebrating you from all the way down here! :)


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