Scenes from our Thanksgiving

Before we all hurtle headlong into a month of wall-to-wall Christmas extravaganza, here are a few shots of our Thanksgiving celebrations. The torch has been passed, and this year Nick and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner in our home for the first time. Nick's parents, brother Cody and sister-in-law Becky joined us for a fairly low-key and highly enjoyable celebration. Although we brined a turkey for the first time (and were highly successful, I might add!) and seemed to just keep adding more and more sides, there is not a single photo of the meal, because we were all too busy eating it. Feeling happy, full and grateful for my little life and all the good people in it. 

Setting the scene.

All the ladies in the kitchen. 
Working up an appetite at the park with Daddy...

... and Grandpa. (I love this photo!)

Place setting.

Waiting for dinner - and adding his own flair to the table.
Time for the feast!
I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one too!


  1. This looks wonderful Tamsin! I'm sad I miss out on these moments, but hapoy you all enjoyed & hosted. You're always good at throwing a beautiful celebration. Well done!

    1. We missed you, of course, but I am sure you were hostessing like a champ in the Netherlands. One of these years we'll all get together again!


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