Thankful Tree 2013 Edition

I was taking down our Fall and Thanksgiving decorations to make room for Christmas this afternoon (is it just me, or does Christmas take up a lot of space?), when I was about to clear away the Thankful tree. Call me sentimental (and you should), but I just couldn't bare to chuck those leaves out without making a record of the things we were thankful for in the month of November, 2013.

  • Woofy and my Scooter.
  • Our thankful tree.
  • Everything.
  • A mom.
  • My dog Woofy.
  • My two rattle rattle things.
  • My family and friends and sweet little home. 
  • My home and playroom. 
  • Toys.

  • Parents.
  • A good job. 
  • Good education.
  • The things Espen learns at Joy School.
  • Close snuggles.
  • Tamsin, Espen and Gwen.

  • Nick’s work.
  • Family Home Evening.
  • Joy School and Miss Stepper.
  • A comfortable and beautiful home.
  • Sunday afternoons.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Beautiful mountains.
  • Doctors who listen.
  • Naptime.
  • The kind heart of Nicholas Stewart North.
  • Handyman Nick.
  • Mealtimes where everyone is happy.
  • Nick, Espen and Gwen. 

  • I am so happy to be with Espen and Gwen.

  • We made it here safe to be with kids and grandkids.


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