Gwen is three

Miss Gwenyth Josephine also had a birthday a while back, but because I was in the depths of despair/morning sickness at the time, she didn't get her annual birthday picture post. So here it is today!





Oh, our Gweny! It's hard to even put into word what this little person means to our family: she is happy, funny, silly, busy, outraged, indignant, stubborn, and ever so independent. She jumps up and down when she's excited or happy. She throws herself on the floor with despair when we tell her "no". She is constantly making up songs and likes to perform them while running around the kitchen table at full tilt. She loves to make her big brother laugh. She is either giving everyone hugs and telling them how much she loves them, or refusing kisses and shutting herself in her room to be alone. Everything is done with passion and determination. And we love her so much.


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