Project Cheer: More kind people

Two more good friends have reported back with acts of kindness!

First Emily told me that she had spread the love of random acts of kindness by going to a "friend's house who has a baby and folded all her laundry and helped her clean her house." Emily is also awesome for being my own private sounding board and cancer whisperer. So yay for her!

Then the lovely Amy left me this comment: "Tamsin, I made whole wheat muffins with coconut honey butter and sent them to the funeral of an older gentleman in our ward that I didn't know. I made the basket extra pretty:) Also, I'm on my way to bring some grub to my neighbor who just had knee surgery. Onward Project Cheer!"
That girl never ceases to amaze. Click over to her blog and find out why :)

Can I just add that my favourite thing about all of the acts of kindness that have been done so far are the kind of thing that seem like no big deal to the person doing them, but that mean so much to the recipient. I know this, because a friend has been doing my dishes and taking out my trash for the past month and it is one of the greatest luxury ever!

Thank you so much friends, it means more than you will ever know.


  1. For en god ide. Vi skal følge oppfordringen din! Mays


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