Project Cheer: An Update

First of all, I have to say thank you to all of you: For your comments, emails, phone calls, love, prayers and friendship. Wow, people! Thank you so much. I can honestly say that every time I've felt down, worried, frustrated over the distance and time difference, one of you has popped out of nowhere to make me feel better. And I'm not even the star of this show! But my mum tells me that my dad reads my blog now (Hello Daddy!), so your kindnesses to me are reaching him too.

You are doing well, Helper Brigade!

Now, let me tell you about some of the people who have reported back their acts of kindness to me so far:

  1. The first person to tell me about something they had done was our good friend Clayton, who is blessed with mad hair cutting skillz. Not only did he give a young relative a stylin' new look, he also decided to never charge money for a hair cut ever again. Present and future kindness! Thanks, Clay, for getting us off to such a great start :)

  2. Next up is Jessica, who reported that she "bought someone who was a having really hard day her 4 favorite chocolate bars." Let's be honest, aren't we all wishing we had a friend like Jessica at this very moment?

  3. My very own Mummy contributed! Last week she was able to get a friend any fellow knitter a little part-time job knitting for money! Only a knitter (this is for you, Heather) would know and appreciate 1) what a huge deal it is to get paid to do something you love (and spend every free moment doing anyway), and 2) the sheer magnanimity it would take to hand over such a gig to someone else. Helpful, kind and selfless - that's my mama!

Keep the kindnesses coming, friends. Oh, and should you happen to be modest as well as filled with the milk of human kindness and don't want to post in the comment section, tell me what you did via email (tamsinrobole at gmail dot com) or in person.

Also, the above photo is me and my pappy on mine and Nick's wedding day. Happy times - with more to come.


  1. Tamsin, I made whole wheat muffins with coconut honey butter and sent them to the funeral of an older gentleman in our ward that I didn't know. I made the basket extra pretty:) Also, I'm on my way to bring some grub to my neighbor who just had knee surgery. Onward Project Cheer!

  2. For en flott datter du er!

  3. Amy, you are amazing! That makes me happy :)

    May Sissel: Jeg syntes jo at jeg måtte gjøre noe, og det er så lite jeg kan gjøre herfra. Men hvis pappa får noe å smile litt av, så har jeg jo gjort litt.


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