Project Cheer: Aubrey is amazing

Somewhere in all the craziness of summer with morning sickness, a last desperate push to finish school and leaving the country, I ended up very sadly remiss in reporting back on the most amazing Project Cheer to date!

For those of you who might have forgotten, or joined us later, Project Cheer is my small way of keeping my dad's spirits up while undergoing cancer treatment. I asked anyone who reads this blog to do something kind for someone else in honor of my dad, and then report back to me. And thank you so much to anyone who has! You have brought sunshine to an otherwise dark and scary phase of my family's life.

Enter my lovely friend Aubrey. That's her up there in the photo with her cute family. When Aubrey heard about Project Cheer, she decided to help out. Then she decided get two birds/parents with one stone by organizing a yard sale for her mama who just moved in honor of my papa. Or in Aubrey's own words:

"I got to thinking…what act of kindness could I perform for Reidar? The garage. Then I think I got a bit carried away. Helping my parent in need could help Tamsin’s parent in need. Doing something difficult both mentally and physically could help us remember Reidar’s difficulties. Clearing out my mom’s garage seemed overwhelming and discouraging. Thinking of how it would help my mom and how it might cheer Reidar could give us the perspective and encouragement we needed to accomplish the task. "

Oh, how I love my little Hauber. Please go to her blog and read all about her adventures in yard saling and project cheering in honor of my daddy-o. It will give you all kinds of warm fuzzies, even if you aren't a) pregnant or b) the proud possessor of a poorly parent.


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