Project Baby: Five weeks to go!

I haven't really been in the mood for blogging lately.

What I have been in the mood for is reading books, taking naps, wearing comfy clothes, knitting and placing hot water bottles on my lower back. Which only seems reasonable, seeing as I am now one small week away from officially being 8 months pregnant.

And: While I don't typically share details of my medical history with the internets (as I've said before and will say again every time I share details of my medical history with the internets), let me tell you that it's looking like this baby could be huge. HUGE. Hee-yooge. At 34 weeks, my tummy is measuring as big as it should be (on overage) at 39 weeks.

So, really, on average, I'm more like 9 months pregnant, and likely to stay this way for another month. And will continue to grow and expand over the coming weeks. Perhaps not the best time to wear my Goodyear t-shirt collection?

Yes, you may bring me dinner and mop my floors. Thanks for asking! Also, may I suggest some really moist and dark chocolate cake? Perhaps garnished with a strawberry or two? Oh, you are such a dear.

With all of this pregnancy going on, it has been hard to really think about anything else, and so I have decided to embrace that. Bring on the mommy blogging! Yes, until the baby arrives (and let's be honest, probably after that too) I will be writing about everything that goes into preparing for the arrival of our baby. And unless you have kids, you probably have no clue how much that really is.

I know I don't.


  1. I will be over on Saturday to mop your floors.

    I'm not kidding.

    Also: you are completely adorable at being pregnant. GOOD JORB!

    And bigger babies are not fun to carry the last month of pregnancy, and yes - maybe less fun to deliver (wouldn't know the difference, mine are big, too) but they're a good idea; 'cause they'll have a lot less problems as soon as they're here.

    Sprinkle will have a healthy set of lungs on him and will be a good eater. This I predict.

    I also predict that you should maybe invest in only a few packs of newborn diapers, 'case chances are he'll outgrow them quickly and be into size one before you know it.

    Or, you know, keep the receipts. :)

    Is Nick keeping up with his end of the deal? All the foot and back rubs you want? Knowing Nick, he is.

  2. Oh, how I wish I were there to make you dinner and mop your floors! I really do! I'm so sad that I'm not there right now! But, in lieu, I fully expect detailed blogging about preparing for the wee one, the day the wee one comes (I'm still serious about setting up the web-cam at the hospital!), and everything after the wee one arrives. Even though I am not a mum yet, I may be one in the future, and will be COUNTING on your experiences to help guide me! Tiny T! I meeeeeeeeees you!

  3. Oh Tamsin-Prego-Pie! Did you know your baby countdown makes it so I don't have to do my own countdown? hehe I just add a few days for myself! I can't wait to meet your little boy. It's so crazy how fast time has gone by. Bring on the Huge baby! (easy for me to say) hehe


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