Project Baby: Hair cut

One of the first things I decided upon discovering that I was pregnant, was that one of the last things I'd do before the baby was born was get a hair cut. Having spent 29+ years with myself has taught me that I tend to get a bit on the lazy (i.e. slovenly) side when I have a lot going on, so I was pretty sure that the transition from 9 months of pregnancy/baby preparations to becoming a new mom was not necessarily going to be a pretty one.
This is from the girl who had to make putting on make up a New Years Resolution, after all.

So, on Friday I headed out to my cute little hair dresser and requested a hair cut that I could neglect. Basically, mom hair that doesn't look like mom hair.

(See, I'm so mysterious and full of contradictions: I don't do my hair, yet I have my own hair stylist, yet I ask her for hair I don't have to style myself. I am such an enigma.)

And over here on the right is what we ended up with. The idea is that I can let it air dry after washing, and that I can let is grow for months and months before separating myself from my offspring long enough to get it cut again.

Do you think it looks like mom hair?

What do you think?

I think I like it a lot, but I also think that it makes me look my age. It's a 29-year-old hair cut. It's the right kind of 29.

So, here I am, literally sitting pretty with my new hair, all ready for my big date with this extremely young man I've been waiting to meet. Do you think he'll like my hair cut?


  1. I love the haircut and I think your the new little man in your life will like it, too. Tamsin, you are so cute! When is this baby going to make his grand entrance? Any contractions, etc.?

  2. I love it!!!!!! so cute and sassy and hopefully your baby wont be pulling those locks!

  3. Awe I like this post. Your hair looks really good like that! It almost looks lighter as well. Am I crazy? Maybe it's just the lightning.. Anyhow, your adorable and look YOUNGER thank 29 lil lady!

  4. I love this! I love you, and I know you're cute little boy is going to love everything about you! Hooray! Also, thank you SO much for featuring Marky on your blog! Every little bit helps that family so much! You are amazing!

  5. so i've been checking in ever since you blog hopped to my own blog and told me i was adorable, (my favourite comment of the year) and i have to say that i entirely love the haircut- very sassy and cute- it really frames your face nicely! a yummy mummy haircut!

  6. Oh my beautiful. You really are mit liefs kjaerlighet. :D

  7. Wow! I had no idea! How elegant you look!

  8. Love it! I'm like you - just a couple weeks before the baby is born I get my hair cut and my feet done. (Mostly because I can't reach those anymore ....)

  9. I think he will LOVE your haircut, and I love it too! You're lookin' good!

  10. tres chic, tres sexy - tres mommy (but not in the mom-hair kinda way).

    Good call!

    However - I think it's very rude that your 'no hassle' haircut is my 'freakin' half-hour every morning' haircut.

    sigh. I love my unruly tresses, I love my unruly tresses...

    Cute picture, too. You're such a cute pregnant lady.

  11. Thank you, everyone! Trust my lovely friends and family to respond so generously to my outright fishing for compliments :)


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