Project Baby: The Culmination

Espen is here.

He is beautiful.

I can't even find the words to tell you how happy and grateful we are.

Or how tired.

This is exactly how our life was meant to be.


  1. Congratulations North Family! The Carper Family is SO happy for you! We love you guys!

  2. He's gorgeous!!! Can't wait to hear the story. Congratulations!!

  3. he is an ANGEL, Tamsin! and i must say, seeing his pictures on FB reminded me a lot of our Dinah. seriously, they could be siblings!
    i'm thinking of the following picture, when she was just a few weeks old:

    congrats again mommy!

  4. Gratulerer så mye !! Han er fantastisk nydelig:) Kos dere masse og nyt den første tida som familie:)

  5. What a beautiful little guy! He's perfect! Congratulations to all three of you!

  6. how gorgeous! i love the name! ive never heard it before! he is perfect. congratulations!

  7. Ohhh så skjønn.. Nydelig han er....dere er en god blanding ser du ... babysyk babysyk babysyk...

    Gratulerer så masse igjen med den nydelige skjønne gutten.. Nyt dagene og nettene ta masse bilder for nå går tiden fort..

    Mange gode bamse klemmer fra meg.


  8. wow!!! I am so happy for you guys and thrilled to see little Espen! Congrats!!!

  9. I'm the proudest of grandmothers and never get tired of looking at pictures of Espen (and his very clever parents).
    Can't wait to see them all in April-

  10. You have some truly amazing pictures of him. Who took them?

    I'm so excited for you, Tamsin! And for Nick. And Espen, 'cause he's got some great parents.

  11. Congratulations!! (I'm stalking your blog from Nancy and Andrew's.) He's beautiful. I love his name.

  12. awe my lil nephew! I miss him already! CUTE CUTE CUTIE!

  13. Sorry for the belated congratulations; your boy is BEAUTIFUL! Such pretty coloring and so,so snuggly looking! Happy babying, enjoy that sweet bundle of snuggliness:)

  14. Erin: Thank you, we're pretty happy for ourselves too! Seriously, once you have a bit more marriage under your belt, you might want to consider getting yourself one of these :)

    Carolyn: Thank you! I will tell you all the gory details at our first opportunity :)

    Liz: I'm honored, because Dinah is a seriously cute little turtle.

    Merete: Tusen takk! Og joda, det er koselige greier det her :)

    Madsta: Thank you! It's a Norwegian name, so it's a bit unusual to English-speaking ears, but we like it!

    Wendy: Tusen takk! Vi synes jo at han er helt nydelig vi også, og kan ikke skjønne hvordan vi har vært så flinke!

    Holly: Yay is right!

    Jeff and Ari: And now we can't wait to meet your little Landon :)

    Emily: Thank you!

    Mummy: Only nine more days!

    Stepper: We just took the photos ourselves. Having a gorgeous subject makes good photography so much easier :)

    Happy Harrison: Thank you! We are just in love with our little man :)

    Tessalulale: We should Skype sometime so you can see your little nephew again :)

    Amy: Thank you! He is a snuggly baby, which I love. Then again, he might not have too much choice, seeing as his mother subjects him to snuggling on a regular basis :)


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