Project Baby: A Report From the Trenches and a Little Giveaway!

Seeing as we are now only five little days away from The Due Date, I thought it would be appropriate to emit a little sign of life, and affirm that, yes, we're still here, and no, we haven't had the baby yet.

We have, however, reached the point in which I answer the phone and people are disappointed to hear my voice. When we see someone we know, there's always that quick little glance to ascertain that I am indeed still pregnant. But I do that too, so honestly, who can blame them?

My days are a getting a little weird.

I've been trying to sleep in as much as I can (because hauling a bowling ball around with your stomach muscles can be a little tiring), but can't really make it much past nine. So I get up, get dressed (AKA, pull on the only nightie that fits under my robe that hardly ties anymore) and meander downstairs. Then I pour myself a bowl of cereal and curl up on the couch. Which is where I typically stay all day long, mostly hooked up to my laptop. I read blogs, I Facebook stalk, I chat. I occasionally get uncontrollably emotional and make weepy phone calls to Nick at work. I talk to my mum a lot. I occasionally watch TV (mostly What Not To Wear, but never A Baby Story). I made dinner yesterday, and considered it a Personal Triumph of Great Dimensions.

In short, if I wasn't 9 months pregnant, I'd be admitting myself to some sort of clinic.

Thank goodness for lovely friends like Karen who are willing to drive down from Provo with heaps of DVDs for me, including the 6-hour BBC Pride and Prejudice and all five seasons of Angel. And thank goodness for lovely friends like Annika, who are not only willing to brave the UTA bus system to come and spend an afternoon with me, but bring pumpkin cookies too.

And thank goodness I only have a another week or so to go! It's been fun, it's been real, but now it is time for this pregnancy to be done.

Which brings me to our Giveaway!

As is tradition here in bloggyland, I (together with my lovely spouse, Nick) am hosting a Guess the Birth Date/Weight/Height Giveaway so y'all can be part of the fun.

The rules:
  1. The competition is open frommmm....... NOW! and until the very moment he is born. We will be checking the time stamp on your guess so there can be no cheatering. I know what you're like.
  2. Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment with your guesses on this post.
  3. As there are three categories of guesses, there will also be three winners. One for date, one for weight and one for height. These three categories will be scored as follows:
    • Date: The most accurate guess wins. if you're the only one with the right day, boo-yah, you win. However, if more than one person picks the right day, we'll go to the hour, then to the minute, etc. If there is a day/hour/minute/second tie, the first poster wins. We will be counting in Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7), so don't try anything funny with time zones.
    • Weight: Again, the most accurate guess wins. We will be accepting guesses in both metric and imperial measurements (pounds and kilos). Whoever guesses the closest wins. In the event of a tie, the first poster wins.
    • Height: Same as for weight, only with inches and centimeters. Again, if there is a tie, the first poster wins.

  4. In the event of one person guessing correctly in more than one category, we will simply deem them extra awesome and the winner of both prizes. If they get all three correct, we will be a little creeped out.
  5. As first time parents, we are under no obligation to get your prize to you in a timely manner. But by Christmas for sure. Or at least by the baby's first birthday.

Which brings us to prizes!

Each of the three winners will receive a personalized prize, tailored to suit their personal preferences (at least, as interpreted by me). However, each prize is likely to contain:
  • One certificate of achievement, deeming you the Grand Poobah of North Family Baby Guesstimation.
  • Photographic documentation of the Man Himself - WHICH YOU MUST TREASURE ALWAYS!
  • Something baby-related. Rest assured that this will indeed be tailored to your specific phase in life.
  • Something hand-made and/or edible. Because that's just how I rollz, yo.

And finally, a little bonus for those of you who are still reading! In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, we will let you in on a few of the things we already know about our baby.

  1. The estimated due date is Tuesday, February 16th.
  2. He's big! At our 39 week ultrasound, the doctor estimated him to weigh about 9 lbs 2 oz or 4.14 kg. Bear in mind that ultrasound estimates have a margin of error of one lb ( 450 gr.) in either direction.
  3. If he hasn't arrived by then already, we have the option of being induced on Monday the 15th. Probably around lunch time. Let me be clear in stating that this "option" has pretty strong appeal to a woman who can't see her own feet.
  4. In case you know what to do with this information, at the ultrasound earlier this week, his femur was measuring 77 mm or just over 3 inches.

And that's it!


  1. :: rolls up sleeves, rubs hands together, wiggles fingers in readiness::


    Date: Sprinkle is currently living the life of cush right now, and I think he won't be eager to leave it. I think he'll arrive ON his due date, Tuesday the 15th, in the afternoon. Say between 2 and 3pm.

    Weight: 9lb 6oz.

    Height: 21 inches.

    Hair: yes. dark. lots.

    Adorableness: off the charts.

  2. Wooppee dooo this is sooo exsiting...

    He will be born on the

    16th of February around noon as in 1200

    He will be 4,450 kg
    He will be 49cm long

    He will be the cutest baby we all ever has senn inn that moment we see him... ofcourse mine are cuter thi hi ..

    I wish you the best day of you`r life dear tammie and nick woohooo you are the man...

  3. I'm guessing on Monday at 5:45 PM
    9.2 lbs
    21 inches long

    Good luck!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Im not really aiming for a prize (especially since it's not worth mailing over seas! haha), BUT I am going to guess in 2 categories because it is fun!

    Baby-Sprinkle-Pie will be:

    Born: Sunday February 15th @ 11:45pm Weigh: 8lbs7oz(To pity the poor mama that has to birth him!)

    LOVE YOU TAMSIN-PIE! I can't wait to see you and my new nephew!

    hang in there.

    i guess, Sunday the 14th in the early a.m. (what could be more romantic than a valentines baby, i ask you?! my ex boss was born on v-day and his middle name was Valentine!)

    he will weigh 9.10 and be 20.5 inches long.

  7. I don't know any better than anyone else, so I think I'll register a guess too:

    Date: 2 minutes into Tuesday the 16th (12:02 a.m.)
    Weight: 9lbs 11oz
    Height: 22 inches

    Just like his mama. :)

  8. Wow! I hope I don't show off too much my lack of knowledge when it comes to babies, but ....

    Date: Tuesday, Feb. 16 2:11:36 am
    Weight: 10 oz. (I'm sorry!)
    Height 22 in

  9. Okay, after much calculation & deep thought here are our guesses:

    Birth Day: February 15th 9:35 pm
    Weight: 10 lbs 2 oz (sorry Tamsin!)
    Height: 22.5 inches

    For your sake, I really hope he's not 10 lbs!

    Hooray Sprink! We can't wait for you to get here!

    Fairy God Aunty Erin & Ben (who is just married to the fairy god aunt, not an actual fairy god aunt himself. Just to clarify.)

    Love you!

  10. Hm...tar det på norsk jeg da.
    Er ikke så god på inches og punds og slikt altså. Men jeg har funnet en sånn konverteringsside på nettet, så jeg skal prøve meg fram...

    Tror han kommer til å veie
    4,1 kg (9,04 lb), 53 cm lang (20,87 in) og jeg tror han blir født 14. februar - sånn ca rundt midnatt.
    Og en ting er jeg sikker på og det er at han kommer til å være søøøøøøt!!! Lykke til ! Følger med herfra vettu:)

  11. Good morning Tamsin and Nick
    Congratulations on a new North.

    Weight: 10lb 2oz
    Height: 24 inches
    Hair: dark and a lot of it
    Cute: Of course! And he'll have a smile that will melt you.

    (The North family always grows 'em big, exceptionally cute, and hairy, our smallest was 9lbs 14oz)

    Date: Sorry kiddo, but being a father of five, and this being your first, I'm guessing Monday February 22nd 2010 at about 3:45am

    The first one ia almost always late, and I'm guessing this little guy will be on North standard time AKA Mormon Standard time.
    Our prayers are with you that you have a quick easy delivery and that I am way wrong about the late thing.

    Uncle Danny and Aunt Jeri

  12. Monday, February 15th
    3:00 a.m.

    8 lbs 14 oz

    21 inches

    Best wishes!!

  13. 55cm, 4700 gram, onsdag 17 klokka 2342.

  14. I think he'll be born 16th february about 5.45 am. be and 58 cm long and lovely...

  15. I'm a hopeless guesser, but want in on the fun.
    ETA: Tuesday, February 16th, 2:46a.m.
    weight: 10 lbs 6 oz (yikes that's
    height: 21.75 inches (do they even count quarter inches?)

    I'm super dee dooper excited to see that adorable North baby!!

  16. Date, December 15th, 6:35:01 pm, 9 lbs 2 oz, 19 1/2", CUTE AS A monkey ; )

    I'm Kristen Hopkins' mom. We always did this with our puppies when I was little, then we transferred it to babies after marriage. Now to grandkids.

    Just in case, for survival's sake, just know that overdue is NOT the end of the world. Kristen was 18 DAYS OVERDUE!!!! I kept going to church and wanted to wear a big sign that said, "YES!!! I'm STILL pregnant!!!" They tried starting me at 14 days over, but the labor wouldn't continue. Kristen finally came on her own 18 days over. And she only wanted her mama from then on for about 7 years.


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