Know your Fork: Canyon View Park and Little Acorn Drive-in

Here's a little Spanish Fork Saturday-afternoon-in-the-spring-time activity for you, inspired by a recent North family Saturday:

1. Load up your entourage and head up Highway 6 towards Spanish Fork Canyon. Ooh and aah at the awesomeness of the windmills.

2. Stop at the Little Acorn Drive-in for a taste of some old-school fast food. Be prepared for it to not be very fast. Nick and I really like that Little Acorn serves their sandwiches on homemade bread, which really adds to their menu. We liked the BLT and the Turkey Avocado and Swiss. If you get a combo meal, try not to laugh at the world's tiniest bag of chips. Also, try their fresh fruit shakes. I'm not much of a shake girl, and I enjoyed the raspberry shake, so that's saying something, yo.

I hear rumors that the interior is pretty awesome in the sense that it sports about four different restaurant styles at the same time, but we had a sleeping munchkin in the backseat, so we opted for the drive through (No, I will not be using the alternate spelling for that, thank you). There is also an outdoor seating area with a charm all of its own, but what you really want to do is this:

3. Take a right just after the Little Acorn onto Powerhouse Road and then head over to Canyon View park for a picnic. Share your sandwich with the ducks (or don't, seeing as bread is actually not that great for them) and take a little stroll around the park. As you can see, Espen found the whole experience pretty thrilling.
Honestly though, we love this park, to the point that I'm actually slightly hesitant to tell you about it. It's big, open and beautiful and never crowded (besides Macey's on a Saturday, is anything in Spanish Fork ever crowded?) and has lots of big grassy areas and a playground to keep everyone busy. Or not even busy at all.

4. Soak up some sunshine, breathe some fresh air and enjoy that it's finally spring!


  1. Okay, it could be daftness brought on by the fact that it's 12:20 in the morning - but what's the alternate spelling for drive through?

    LOVE that park! Have enjoyed a BLT or two there, myself. But from my own kitchen, not Acorn's. And not on homemade bread.

    Also: didn't know you weren't a shake girl! We'll have to think of something else to serve on Firefly nights. Though thinking beyond frozen yogurt shakes and air popped popcorn may cause our heads to explode.

    NEver a dull moment!

    Man. I need to go to bed.

  2. Ohhh that park sound`s lovely, i want to take a stroll true it to..
    Can i Can I can i PLEASE !!!!

    And ohh what a beutifull baby in his stroler sleeping....


    babysick :-) Dylan is getting big :-))

  3. Sounds like a perfect afternoon!

  4. Stepper: The alternate spelling of "drive-through" would be "drive-thru". Nope, I just can't do it.
    Also, no worries about the shakes. I should specify that it's generally soft-serve ice cream type shakes that I don't really like. Although, I'm also more than happy to just eat the ice cream if I'm not in a Shakey mood :)

    How about a North/McCrery family picnic at the park one of these days?

    Wendy: Come and visit us and we'll show you our baby AND take you for a walk in the park :)

    Tess: It was indeed quite loverly. Nothing beats a spring day outside!

  5. I happened upon your blog while looking for info with my daughter on the Icelandic Monument. I enjoyed your Know Your Fork posts since we're here in Spanish Fork too. :)

  6. Valerie, thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting! There will be more "Know Your Fork" posts coming up, so feel free to check back :)


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