Project Computer Fast: In which I will give up my computer for one whole week.

That pretty much sums it up, really.

I realize that swearing off computers doesn't really bode well for a life of active blogging, but bear with me for a moment while I tell you what this is all about:

Since being pregnant and having a newborn allows plenty of time for sitting around, I have spent the past couple of months taking plenty of time to sit around. After all, if Espen is asleep on the couch beside me, the responsible thing to do is sit on the couch and keep an eye on him until he wakes up. And hey, seeing as I'm just sitting here, I may as well pull out my laptop, read some blogs, check Facebook and look into exactly what it was that Casper the friendly ghost died of anyway. And, oh look at that, Espen just woke up from a three hour nap, all of which was responsibly supervised by me and the contents of my Google Reader.

In short, I have become a bit of a couch potato and an internet addict.

So, as a little bit of a wake-up call to myself, I am taking the week off, not only from the internet, but from my computer itself.
No more playing Solitaire during movies and phone calls means that I will hopefully pay closer attention to what I'm doing and the people I'm with. No more blog reading or Facebook means that I will hopefully get hours of my day back that I can spend on other things like my baby, my husband, my house and myself.

I'm not sure exactly how this week will be spent, and am trying not to place too many expectations or requirements on myself. This is more an experiment in where I might end up once I allow myself the freedom to get there, than any sort of forced attempt at productivity. I might bake cakes, clean my house and teach my four week-old baby sign language. Then again, I might watch What Not to Wear marathons on TLC and eat dry cereal straight out of the box. And that will have to be OK too.

So. As soon as I've finished this post, my laptop is going off and into its case for a whole week until next Monday when I will pull it out and report back to you on how it all went. Who knows, I might even make a few notes with a pen and paper! Goodness!


  1. good luck! i could never do it! but then i dont have a cute little baby like espen to keep me company.... :)

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  3. Seeing as you wont read this, it's rather pointless for me to post the following: This blog only motivates me to BLOG more so that you will feel like you are missing something while you are Mrs. Anti-Computer-pie. That way you may somehow be drawn back to the computer and not give it up wholey. I need my Tamsin-pie because she is one of my only readers! hehe....P.S. You better take notes so you can blog about your week when you are done! =D

  4. :-)
    So i am awaiting how you`r week went.. I just might want to follow in you`r footsteps.. so do tell how it was..

    Yes at the moment my favorite cousine...


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