Cabin Fever Week: Tuesday

On Tuesday my good friend Caren took pity on us in our carless, housebound state and came over to take us out to lunch. Oh, it was good to get out of the house and eat food that I didn't make myself! But it was also absolutely freezing cold and windy, so by the time we had eaten lunch and made a quick trip to Target, we were completely ready to get back inside and stay here again.

Between getting ready to go and recovering after we got back, this two-hour expedition seemed to fill most of our day. We didn't really have too much time to entertain ourselves before dinner, but we did have long enough to get some good play time in.

Espen loves it when we play with him, and he loves chasing. Usually one of us will hold him and chase the other one around the house (yes, we're all quiet dignity here) while Espen growls and squeals. Well, with only me and Espen at home, we needed a quick variant. So I got down on my hands and knees and chased him around while we both crawled. Pretty soon he got the idea and started chasing me!

It was maybe not the most innovative of undertakings, but we had fun. Sure, I had other things to do, and my knees objected, but goodness, nothing clears the cobwebs like ten minutes of chasing and squealing with my little boy.


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