What a difference a year makes.

February 16, 2010:

February 16, 2011:

Happy birthday, little boy!
Thank you for making me your mama.
Thank you for making our home such a happy one.
We love you.


  1. He is so lovely :-)
    Happy birthday little one..

    Hugs from all of us..

  2. Soooooo adorable! Happy Birthday, Espen!

  3. What a gorgeous boy!! Love his chubby cheeks in the new born pic and his stellar smile in year ol'!! Can't wait to see him!

  4. It's crazy for me to see him at one since I've only seen him around the baby stage. He is SOOOO cute! You guys done good!

  5. My Daughter will turn 13 very soon. It goes by so fast..too fast...enjoy enjoy every second! Blessings, Joanne

  6. Oh man, that picture is so cute!! It is so crazy how fast they grow.


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