We took abreak from all of our travel preparations to spend an hour outside in the sunshine yesterday. I took a deep breath and let Espen roam freely while I pulled weeds and planted a few seeds. He was absolutely covered in damp soil by the time we went inside for some lunch, but so happy and content. I loved seeing him pick up our little garden shovel and dig around with it. Our yard is a tiny little box, but it was plenty to keep him entirely occupied for an hour. Exploring, digging, pulling a weed or two (we thankfully only made one sacrifice to the tulip gods). Sometimes he'd crawl over and peer out of the back gate at the ducks swimming in the pond and loudly declare: "Ducks! Wak-wak-wak!"

I love seeing Espen grow into an independent little boy. I love watching him discover the world around him, and I love catching little glimpses of the person he is becoming.


  1. Good for you for letting him play in some dirt. Boys just need that once in a while. :)


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