One Pretty Thing

I was lucky enough to have my Easter Egg Tutorial featured on One Pretty Thing! Yay!

It was the first tutorial I have ever put together, so I was delighted to see it end up on one of my favorite craft sites. I don't consider myself to be an especially crafty person (certainly not compared to some people!) and definitely not a craft blogger, which made this extra fun for me. :)

Yes, fun enough to use a smiley face in a blog post.

If you haven't checked out One Pretty Thing yet, and are even the slightest little bit on the crafty side, head over there right now and take a look. So much to see!


  1. Yay! It was a very good tutorial! :) Happy Easter!

  2. Your name made it to the cool name list! As I was reading the list I thought of you and your blog.

  3. Meghan, thanks for pointing that out - how fun!


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