Norway 2011: Hurra for 17. mai!

Time is flying, friends! We just got back from a family reunion up in the mountains and will be heading off to the Netherlands on Wednesday. I have a few posts in the works for you, and will get them up as they're ready. Until then - the 17th of May:

May 17 is Norway's national holiday, and this year www were lucky enough to be able to celebrate it in Norway. While we always go to the celebration in Salt Lake City, we have never actually celebrated the 17th of May together in Norway. Add the fact that it was Espen's first one in Norway, and the first one spent with his grandparents, and we had the makings of a very special day on our hands.

And that is exactly what it was. Let me chuck a few photo highlights at you:

My mum and Espen waiting for the church service to start. They are both dressed in a bunad, which is a traditional Norwegian costume. A lot of people here wear them for special occasions. We loved seeing Espen in his!

Espen and his Daddy getting in the party spirit. The green leaves and blue sky are part of what makes this time of year in Norway so perfect.

Waiting for the parade to start. Every town in Norway has a parade on the 17th of May, including the small community where my parents live. All of the school kids participate, dressed in their best, along with bands, choirs, etc.
This gives you a better view of our national costumes too. Mine was made to fit me when I was 14 (FOURTEEN!!) and I made an entirely unholy effort to fit into it so I could feel special too! Time to get it refitted, I think :)

Watching the parade. Lots of people and flags and music. Espen learned the word "flags" and bellowed it triumphantly at anyone holding one.

My boys. Oh, I love them.


  1. Så nydelige bilder.. var så morro å se dere alle :-) spesielt Espen han er jo så skjønn... håper å se dere alle igjen om ikke alt for lenge :-)) Klem

  2. So nice to see how much fun you're having!

  3. så nydelig Espen var i bunad:) Helt herlig:) Glemte helt å se etter dere på 17. mai - ikke så lett å se noen i folkehavet heller.

    God tur til Nederland!!


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