Outside! Outside!*

One of the best parts of being "at home" with my parents in Norway was getting to spend so much time outside. Norwegians are really outdoorsy people (think bundled-up babies napping outside in the middle of winter), and there's just something about being there that makes you want to get out there too. As evidenced by all the fleece wearing in these photos, the weather doesn't even have to be all that great to be outside.

Of course having Dad around 24/7 was a big treat too. I mean, who else will fix your new truck when you've ripped in two with all your 15-month old strength?

We enjoyed relaxing in the fresh air, and Espen enjoyed exploring and being able to roam free. My parents have a big, open garden with lots of interesting "bits" to investigate here and there.

Espen especially enjoyed their little rock pond, and would have happily splashed in it until his fingers turned blue...

... if it wasn't for the presence of one of those ever-tempting cats! Never has a boy loved cats (and dogs and chickens and...) with as fiery a passion as this little guy.

Just looking at these photos makes me want to get outside again. And with our newly purchased umbrella and little pool for Espen, we are well on our way to making it that kind of summer.

*One of Espen's most used catch phrases.


  1. How beautiful!!! It's so nice to be outside, and with beautiful land like that, how could you not!! Looks like loads of fun!!!

  2. Så nydelige bilder, han er jo så nydelig det lille gullet deres :-))

    Det lille huset husker jeg vi lekte i som små :-))



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