We're arrived home tonight from our week-long Christmas trip and are getting settled back in. The next few days will be spent unpacking, finding homes for new Christmas gifts (mostly Espen's), doing laundry, grocery shopping and getting caught up on the errands we got behind on while we were away. Pretty soon the Christmas decorations will be boxed up and back in the attic and we will be back to normal again. But before we get to that point, can I just tell you that we have had the most wonderful Christmas?

We relaxed, we spent time with family, we ate good food. Espen was all the best kinds of excited about celebrating Christmas and opening presents. But what he loved the best was spending time with his Grandma and Grandpa. Seriously. They both have the ability to absolutely drop everything and just focus their whole attention on Espen, which is something I feel I could learn a lot from.

As for me, my favorite part of Christmas had to be seeing the joy and excitement in Espen. He's not even two yet, and he was already too excited to sleep on Christmas eve. When he was taking a while to fall asleep, Nick went up to tuck him in (about half an hour after we said goodnight) and Espen asked him: "Daddy, is Christmas Day?" I understand now why parents run themselves ragged to find the perfect gift for their children, spend too much money and stay up all hours of the night assembling gifts. I understand because not only have we now done those things ourselves, but now we have seen the joy and the magic of Christmas on our little boy's face, and it doesn't get much better than that, friends.

Will you forgive me if I unleash an avalanche of Christmas photos on you?

Espen opening his (now) traditional gift of pajamas and a book on Christmas eve. 

Modeling his new pajamas. New book in the bottom right.

12:45 AM on Christmas morning, and I have finally finished knitting Espen's Kipper
Why yes, I was as exhausted as I looked, thanks for noticing. 

 But it was all worth it in the end, because Kipper was a hit!

Espen and Daddy playing with the new remote controlled fire truck. 
A gift that only a grand parent could give!

His wooden train set from IKEA was probably the big favorite. I've lost count of how many times he's taken me by the hand and asked: "Mama, play trains? OK?"

And his new Doodler. I think Grandpa wants to try! 

Espen couldn't wait to try out the water color paints in his stocking, so we stripped him down and let him loose. He loved it!

Espen's first painting. Clearly the kid's a genius. I mean, come on!
(Don't be surprised if you see this framed in my house. Sentimental fool + proud mama = me.)

 The day after Christmas just got better, as Nick and I sneaked away for a few days on our own. But that is for another post!

How were your holidays?


  1. Love Kipper! He really seemed to enjoy his gifts, I love Christmas. I spent most of my Christmas day at my aunt's house (she has small kids) and it was so much fun.

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  3. Looks like Espen had the happiest Christmas ever! I especially love his rocket ship pose in his "blast off" pajamas! haha

    Also - OH MY GOODNESS TAMSIN! That Kipper doll is AMAZING! True talent right there. I am sure he absolutely Loves it!

  4. So freakin' cute! Of course you want to make it all perfect! How could you not, when you have such an adorable and appreciative little person to make it perfect for?

  5. I would totally frame his painting if I were you! It's compositionally strong. My kids just layer so many colors it just ends up as a brown blob.


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