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You guys, it only took four days, but I have finally finished cleaning my kitchen! The julevask bug got me good, and so I have spent every spare moment cleaning. I am a little creeped out by how good it feels. I mean, seriously. This is how I get my kicks now?

No matter. Espen is still napping, and Nick is at work, and I have even banished myself to the living room  to prolong the kitchen's spotless state. I know it can't (and won't) last beyond dinner time, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

And I took a picture, because it lasts longer:

While I'm clearly not an interior design blogger (I don't think they feature battery chargers in their photos), I am categorizing myself as a house proud braggy blogger. Perhaps only the parents of small children will recognize the mad sense of accomplishment that comes from having something, anything not be covered in fingerprints and Legos for more than 10 minutes. 

When I was standing on a chair this morning, unscrewing the shades from the lamp above the kitchen table, Espen came and stood beside me repeating "Careful, mama! Mama! Be careful!"because he knows that is what you say when someone (I'm not naming names) climbs on the furniture.

I don't think interior design bloggers typically show you the rear view of a high chair either, but this does give you a chance to see our advent calendar in action, along with a few oranges with cloves. Our breakfasts have been quite festive in December, with candles on the table and three calendars to open (Espen's chocolate calendar can be seen in the background). No wonder January is such a dreary month in comparison!

Nine more days until Christmas Eve! Are you ready?


  1. A picture lasts longer indeed!!! Well done and I am jealous. Do you want to come to my place to spic and span our house up? P.s. PLEASE DO NOT introduce this tradidion to my mother. Hahah She does enough cleaning year round. =D

  2. I am doing a TOP TO BOTTOM bedroom clearout tomorrow as my own version, and to keep my mind busy whilst Oli is in surgery!

  3. A clean house does feel great. You just have this light feeling about you.
    In our family the tradition is, the Dec, 30 or 31, the house has to be scrubbed from top to bottom. Ringing in the New Year with a dirty house or even dirty laundry is bad luck. As a kid I hated it, as an adult I find myself doing the 'crazy clean'!

  4. Your kitchen is awesome! Love having a clean house - just feels good!


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