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When my mother-in-law comes to visit, I always have to clean the house before she arrives so everything is spic and span. (In fact, Espen was not very old when he saw me get out the vacuum and asked "Grandma is coming?") When I go to see my mother, I have to do the equivalent of cleaning the house to myself, so that I'm all spic and span for her inspection. I'm not sure why this is, as they are both lovely ladies who aren't prone to making harsh judgments about my house or my appearance, but nonetheless, near the tippy top of my to-do list before we head off to Norway, was getting my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. 

So today Espen got an extra long play date with one of his very best friends, and Mama got a trip to the salon. I should mention that I haven't dyed my hair or had bangs in over a decade, and yet somehow, that's what I ended up deciding that I wanted. And this is what I walked out of the salon with: 

Photo fancily taken with my phone, but you get the idea. 
I'll be honest, it's taking a little bit to get used to the highlights and the bangs, but I've never been scared to do new things with my hair, and it feels good to switch things up a bit. It's going to take a bit more maintenance (Roots! Trims!), but I think it will probably be a good thing for me to get myself through the doors of a salon a bit more regularly.

Are you a regular salon goer, or does it take superhuman effort and coordination to get there (like me)? 


  1. Um, I LOVE IT! So cute ... and fresh! It screams summer! I think you should keep it. And I am a salon regular (with hair as thick as mine I should probably go even more often than I do). I LOVE getting new things done to my hair.


  2. I have never been to a salon. I have gotten my hair cut at cheap-o non-salons (like Craig's Cuts) my life... The idea of maintaining a hair style makes me cringe.

    But, your hair looks great! Have fun in Norway! :)

  3. looks great. I get my haircut and roots done every 5 weeks, any longer and the grey shows through!

  4. Fin du ble :)

    Velkommen "hemmat" tel Løten og Norge :)

  5. I love it! I've been wanting to put blonde in my hair for the longest time, but keep wimping out, I head for a haircut about once a year, normally chopping some off, and spending the next year growing it back, like now! xo

  6. You look AMAZING! Not even caps lock does it justice.

    I have the hardest time getting out to get my hair done- It seems to always fall on the last of the list, pushed down by everything else. So when I actually do get to my stylist, drastic things end up happening! ;)


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