One week!

This time next week, we will be on a plane on our way to Norway! I think this is the fastest we have ever pulled together a trip, and friends, it's going to be a good one! Two and a half weeks at home with my family, and then three days in Stockholm with just the three of us. Nick and I spent a few days there when I was pregnant with Espen, and decided it would be fun to go back as a family, because it is such a beautiful city, and so kid friendly too. Three years later, and off we go!

A view of Gamla Stan (the old town) in Stockholm. 
We'll arrive just in time for May 17th, which is Norway's national holiday. It's a holiday I've always loved and looked forward to in its own right, but of course it's extra special for me to be able to share something so Norwegian and dear to me with Espen. And he remembers from last year that it involves waving flags and shouting "hurra!" so he's onboard! You can read more here about our celebration in Norway last year.

Watching the parade in our national costumes. It's hard to get more Norwegian than that, even if none us were actually born in Norway! 
Of course, the most important reason why we're going is to spend time with my family. My parents are enthusiastic and loving grandparents, and Espen asks several times a day if its time to go to Granny and Granddad's yet. It doesn't hurt that he has seen his room on Skype and knows that he has a bookshelf full of books and toys to explore when he gets there!

On the beach in England.
It's been almost exactly a year since we saw them last, so I'm really looking forward to a little time with my mummy and daddy too. I'm so grateful for phones and the internet and Skype and being in a position to see them as often as we do, because I know it could easily be so much worse. Still, I often wish that world was a little bit smaller so we could see each other more often. We'll enjoy each other while we can!

I want to try to blog a bit more faithfully while we're away, so hopefully stay tuned for some more updates next week. This week, I'm sure, will be devoted to frantic packing and cleaning before we ship out for three weeks.

Stockholm image borrowed here


  1. Yay! Now I can travel vicariously again!!! I can't wait for the pictures. Espen will notice so much more this time. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Wow how awesome! Times seems like you were just there! What a wonderful trip you will have!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. Velkommen hjem igjen en tur:) Kanskje vi er så helige at vi ser dere på 17. mai i år:)

    Og kos dere masse i Stockholm - min favorittby!

    God tur !!

  4. Hm...det skulle stå heldige da:)

  5. Have a great time! It sounds like you guys have lots of plans and will enjoy the time with your family. Tell your parents we say hi! Safe travels!

  6. I have such a desire to visit somewhere in Europe right now that I will definitely be living vicariously through you. Don't forget to take pictures of your food just for me! :) And you will be missed! P.S.-Stockholm looks absolutely beautiful. I'll add it to my list.


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