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Tomorrow is a big day for the North family, Spanish Fork division. I have mysteriously reached the halfway point of this pregnancy, and tomorrow is the day we find out if we're having a boy or a girl!

Needless to say, we're pretty excited around here. Except for Espen, who already knows that he is having a baby sister, regardless of what this doctor has to say. Either he knows something we don't, or we're going to have a very disappointed little boy on our hands tomorrow. Because, as Espen says: "There is a girl in mama's belly! It not can be a boy baby!" Cross your fingers for a happy big brother, no matter who's hiding out in there!

As for me and Nick, we're just happy and excited to be adding another little person to our family. We'd both really love the experience of having a daughter, and the thought of two little boys rampaging through our house sounds almost too good to miss. It's basically a win-win situation! 

I am sure I'll be back with the news tomorrow. We just have to make sure that all of the grandparents are properly informed first, and I have a fun little idea for how to tell Espen up my sleeve too. 

Until then, I found this old interview from my last pregnancy hidden in the archives of my good friend Stepper's blog. I'd completely forgotten about it, so it was fun to reread and see the similarities and differences between pregnancies, and just where I was in life three years ago. Go check it out! 

Anyone want to register any official guesses?


  1. I'm hoping for beautiful girl, but bet it will be another cute little boy. Either way I am certain Espen will be happy to have a playmate andbe the best big brother ever! -Tess

  2. I'm not going to have kids, but I've always wondered to myself whether I'd want to know the gender before the birth. It seems like it would be a great surprise, but the planner (and knitter) in me would want to be prepared. Congrats!


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