How to dress a Squiggle*

I am back from a three day weekend! Not that we actually went anywhere, but it was so great to have Nick home with us for an extra day off. We celebrated with a family trip to the movies (Espen's second one ever, thankfully we were the only ones there!), a little shopping, some lunch and a car wash. We love a good car wash in our family, don't you? Nick also gave me an extra day to sleep in, so today I am back to reality feeling like I got a bit of break.

Today I thought I'd show you some of the growing pile of baby clothes that we have stashed in our guest room. The vast majority is from my mother (a recreational shopper with a penchant for sales), but now that a lot of stores are facing up to the fact that colder weather is coming, we've been doing a little baby shopping of our own.

Forgive that these photos are a little bright, but I took them in the bright afternoon sun during quiet time (which is the new nap time), which was the only time I had to myself all day.

Cute overload.
 I think I horrified a friend of mine the other day by suggesting that, at this rate, my daughter may well live out her babyhood in nothing but dresses and jammies, because I just can't resist either. Seriously, look at that little owl! The sailor dress! I'm trying so hard to be practical, but then I just picture a dark-eyed baby in a dress and chubby-legged tights and my resolve weakens. However, I have at least been practical enough (OK, so my mum has been practical enough) to buy these in different sizes so she has some to grow into. The four on the left are all gifts from Norway, and the two on the right are the ones we've bought. From Gap and the Children's Place, respectively (although I couldn't find the second one on their website). Also, I'm thinking little she needs some little cardigans to go with these.

This needs to be multiplied by about five. Also, I'm feeling rather smug about the lack of pink in this photo. 

Tops and onesies. I know from experience that we will be needing an enormous collection of these thanks to the rate that most newborn need to have their clothes changed. With babies that are tiny enough to not be able to support their heads very well, I love the kimono style onesies (like the top left) where you can just lie them on top and button them in without having to pull anything over their heads. Unfortunately, those are a little trickier to come by.  I'm a big fan of onesies and bought them for Espen for as long as he could fit in them for the simple fact that it keeps a kid warm and dressed without the gap in the middle that you get with shirts and pants.  The three onesies in the front are all from Old Navy and can be found here. 

I like to imagine a soft and sleepy baby inside these. 

Jammies, one-pieces and a pair of overalls. Being another winter baby who mostly stayed at home with his mama, Espen spent the first couple of months of his life in his footie pajamas. Squiggle will have much the same experience, so we need to expand this collection a bit too. The eagle-eyed reader will also have noticed that the pair of overalls in this picture makes up Squiggle's entire collection of pants. We need to get on that, but let's be honest, baby pants just aren't as cute or fun to buy. The stripy giraffe pajamas and the cream and turquoise one piece are both from Carter's, and the rest were from my mama in Norway, who is too generous for her own good (although, Mumsy, please don't stop until you get her some tights, please!). Now I want to pair those overalls with the turquoise onesie in the picture above.

Oh dear.
And finally, the miscellaneous category. With 11 weeks to go, this baby has one pair of shoes, one hat, one ruffly-bottomed pair of... whatchamacallits and four receiving blankets (we are big swaddlers in our family) and a fairly shocking lack of almost everything else. These are all killing me with their cuteness, and making me think that we do indeed need to hit the shops a bit harder. Oh, the humanity! However will we live?

This post has been brought to you by the 28th week of pregnancy, a confirmation from my doctor that Squiggle is, in fact, still a girl and a highly inspirational reading of the Mini Boden catalog. Who don't sponsor me, but I have a feeling that I will very soon be sponsoring them.

*Squiggle is a nickname that we came up with for the baby, because that is what she does all day long. Espen spent the first months of embryo and fetus-hood as Sprinkle, because I read that he was the size of a chocolate sprinkle the week we first learned of his existence.


  1. Dude. Your baby girl is gonna be the best dressed girl ever. LOVE LOVE every single one of those items. Nice work mama!!

  2. Aren't girly things fun? It's kind of not fair that there are so many more options for girls than boys, but it's always fun to play dress up with a little girl. :)

  3. Så søtt a gitt! Jeg elsker så klart den med sjiraffen mest. Min unge skal ha masse sjiraffklær!! Betyr det at du er gravid da eller??

    Takk for tips ang. teksten. Jeg er helt enig med deg at den slutter brått og at han og faren burde fått et helt avsnitt, men jeg var bare så usikker på hva jeg skulle skrive om det.. ikke lett å formidle andres følelser om sånt liksom..

    1. Jepp, her kommer bebbis nummer 2 i november, så nå gjelder det å forberede seg litt!

      Nei, det er ikke lett å skrive om andres følelser, gitt. Men jeg nevnte det fordi det virket som om det var noe du hadde lyst til å skrive litt om, noe du har tenkt en del på. Du kan jo skrive litt om det du ser selv?

  4. Dressing a girl seems like so much more work than a boy! This is why I was so excited to have a baby boy first. Looks like you've got it well covered. If and whenever the time comes for baby girl at our home, I'll have some questions for you.

  5. I agree with Kristen, Squiggle is going to be the best dressed girl around. And if it makes you feel better, diaper changes will probably be easier with her in a dress rather than pants.

  6. Tamsin, Welcome to my world!!! Dressing up little girls is soooo addicting. Looks like you are having fun! :)

  7. goodness she is going to be one well dressed little lady


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