Making me happy right now.

Baking with the bump.

  • The first cup of hot chocolate this season. 
  • The bowl of cherry tomatoes from our garden. 
  • The feeling of our little baby pushing against my skin. 
  • It's cold enough to wear jeans, but warm enough for bare feet. 
  • A made bed.
Awarded for valiant behavior while being poked with a needle.
  • Getting a prize for being good when having my blood drawn. 
  • Watching Espen enjoy story time at the library. 
  • Two loads of laundry and a load of dishes done before leaving the house this morning. 
  • 30 weeks pregnant!
  • Tasty dinner plans. 
  • Home-made foccacia dough rising in the sunshine.
  • It feels so short!
  • The feeling of having chopped a foot (12 inches!) of hair off. 
  • Reading our good friend Josh's list of 34 favorite memories of his wife Lolly on her 34th birthday. I laughed, I cried, I wished (again) that they lived closer. 
  • An upcoming weekend trip to Las Vegas with la familia North. 
  • Two new little outfits bought for Squiggle. 
  • Espen excitedly telling me "I love vegetables!" as we shopped the produce aisle. 
  • This one had little ears!
  • Trying on hats at Target with Espen and laughing too hard to take any in-focus pictures.
  • An almost clean kitchen. 
  • A chance to sit down and rest my achy self while Espen rests his respectively cute self upstairs. 


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