Mummy's home!

My mum gets her grandkids, Espen gets his Granny to play with, and Gwen gets another warm body to nap on. Win-win-win!
Last Wednesday morning my mum asked me to help her look for plane tickets to come out and see us. Last Wednesday afternoon she emailed me her flight itinerary from Norway, and this Wednesday we picked her up at the airport. Not a super-planned visit, but a very welcome one! 

Espen is deliriously happy to have his Granny here to play with, and could only be convinced to go to bed when jet lag got the better of my mum and she went to sleep before he did. And Gwen (the real reason why Granny is here, let's be honest!) has already embraced her Granny's arms as a safe and comfy spot to sleep. 

And I get to have my Mummy for the next three weeks! I'm bigger than her now, but part of me still wants to curl up in her lap so she can make the world better. And I'm looking forward to some girl time on my own with my mum: a little shopping, movies, lunch and a few projects to work on together. It's going to be wonderful! 


  1. How exciting having your mum here! I hope you enjoy your time together.

  2. Kos dere masse. En velfortjent ferie for din mamma:)


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