Not a huge smile, but doesn't she look so content?
Today is a good day because:
  • My daughter is seven weeks old. And smiling!
  • It is 13 years (and one day) exactly since I first came to the US from Norway. This fact keeps blowing my mind over and over again. How have I been here for 13 years already?!?
  • Today also marks 8 years since the day Nick and I first kissed. I still get all jelly-legged just thinking about. And it makes me want Indian food, since that's what we had for dinner on our date that day. But I think I'll be OK without watching Hercules in a bachelor pad basement. 


  1. I'm going "awwwww" over everything here!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment on Design Mom.

    A Norwegian living in Utah! My family is Norwegian and I am fascinated by all things Scandinavian. I will love following you and learning new traditions to incorporate in my little family. Best wishes!

  3. Awe. It's so romantic that you know exactly when you first kissed your husband! :-D

    1. I think it's because everything felt so significant at the time that I just told myself "remember this", and I did :)


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