Espen's Norway photos

As you might remember, we gave Espen a camera for his third birthday. I took a peek at some of his photos from our recent trip to Norway, and here's a little of what I found:

Cozy the cat fleeing in terror.

And observing from a safe distance. 

A candle for Grandad.

A segment of Granny's kitchen.

The neighbor's boat waiting for summer.

Daddy reaching for the camera.

Espen's most beloved (great) uncle David.

Woofy, faithful friend and travel companion.
Useful as a pillow on long plane rides and for snuggling in unfamiliar beds.

Gjermund, who came to play.

And a serious self portrait on our last day. 
I love seeing Espen capturing his little world. I also found the photo of the candle incredibly touching. My mum lit it for my dad the day after he died, and it became "Grandad's candle" to Espen. It is special to me that it was significant to him.


  1. It looks like Espen has an eye for photography! He does a great job framing his shots. :-D It is fun to see how creative little people are when they're given the opportunity.

  2. Those are pretty good! I laughed about the first one, your caption is funny. :)

  3. This makes me want to get all of my kids a camera, to see what they see. I love Espen's photos. He's so cute.

  4. This boy has talent! Much like his parents.

  5. i love this. what a great idea to, as you say, see the world through your children's eyes. : ) so doing it when i have kids, in who knows how long. : )


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