Happy ninth anniversary


To my Nicholas,

Nine years ago today, I stepped out of your sister's car, crossed the street and met you outside the entrance of the St. George temple. You were waiting for me by the fountain. You took my hand, and we walked inside together. And less than two hours later we were married!

There are a lot of details I don't remember from that day, including most of the words of the ceremony, but I do remember you. Your face. The feeling of finally, finally having someone to really belong to, who also really belonged to me. The feeling of coming home to you at last.

Nine years have passed since that day, and so much has changed. We've lived in four different homes in four different cities, had three cars, bought two houses, sold one house, had two babies, visited seven countries, lost two grandmothers, lost my father. So much has changed, but still I come home to you, and you come home to me. My days begin and end with you beside me.

Our life now is a good life (such a good life!), but it's a busy life. Sometimes I just put my head down and hurtle through the day-to-day, hardly even noticing my fellow hurtlers, as I try to make it to the finish line with everything done that needs doing. But every once in a while the mist clears, I look up and there you are. It's not the most romantic of examples, but only yesterday, you were hurrying to get off to work, but took the time to empty the trash and bring it out the curb so I wouldn't have to. Like you always do. And in that moment of taking care of your family and meeting our needs and working so hard for us, I loved you with all of my heart. Like I always do.

Happy anniversary, my love! I love you, and I love us, and I love where we have been and I love where we are going. I love those two little people we've picked up along the way too.

Best thing ever.





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