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First day of preschool!

It's Friday again! How was your week? Busy? Ours certainly was: Espen started preschool and soccer this week, I hosted book club and Nick and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. Now the weekend is finally here, but there is no rest for the wicked as Nick is away on a photography retreat, and Espen has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow morning (I'm a soccer mom!), plus all of the usual weekend errands that me and the kids will be running solo before Nick gets back tomorrow night. That was a very long sentence.


A few bits and pieces from the week:

  • Let's start with this video made by Pampers in Japan. It's about celebrating first time moms and all they accomplish in the first year of motherhood. I admit I am a sucker for this kind of thing, but maybe keep a tissue handy just in case. Plus, now I feel like I need a Japanese baby. The kids in this video are so cute!
  • I'm loving this adorable jump suit that Cherry Darling made from a thrifted mechanic's suit! I find it completely inspiring that she took one of the least flattering items of clothing known to man, lopped off the arms and legs, added a belt and came up with something so completely cute! It makes you wonder what other potential you're missing in just about everything around you. 
  • I've been watching some TED talks lately (handy for when I'm folding laundry or mindless stuff like that), and enjoyed this one by Australian singer Megan Washington about her life and career as a stutterer. I stuttered a bit myself as a kid, so recognized a lot of what she was talking about, although I somehow was lucky enough to (mostly) outgrow it along the way. Even if stuttering doesn't mean much to you, she's just a brave, funny, charming and talented lady. 
  • This Pavlova recipe, which is what I made for book club last night. So pretty and tasty! I followed the alterations suggested by Lemonlush in the comment section. Mine is pictured above. 
  • This article about unsupervised play, which is definitely meant to be a bit opinionated and inflammatory. I'm a bit on the fence about the whole thing, so would love to hear your thoughts. I think it's interesting that crime statistics are lower now than they were when "we" were kids, but parents are far and away more cautious with their children now. Is the world we live in really that different than it was 20 years ago? Discuss!
  • I haven't knitted anything for ages, but this blanket and this sweater are making me want to get my needles and yarn out again. 
  • Our bedroom is in need of some color and style, and this duvet cover keeps catching my eye in the new IKEA catalog. So summery! Plus it reminds me of Carl Linnaeus and binomial nomenclature in the best possible way. 
Oops, time to get Gwen up from her nap and pick Espen up from school. Have a good weekend! 


  1. Kaken ser god ut og uken ser ut til at den var full, kjekt å ha litt å holde på med tar aldri slutt synes jeg.. Ha en strålende uke...


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