Out of the frying pan...

A full-length selfie, just for you.
Well, I did it! I made it all through the entire month of September without wearing jeans even once. In fact, I only wore shorts twice and a pair of dress pants once, so it was almost a month of no pants! We've had a couple of colder days lately, though, so I'm ready to not have cold legs! A few summarizing thoughts:

  • I have worn skirts and dresses and leggings so much lately, that I'm not even sure I really like how pants feel on my body anymore. They're just sort of clingy! No wonder the Victorians were in an uproar about women and their pantaloons. 
  • The best part about this whole undertaking has been discovering all of the many options I actually have in my closet - beyond jeans and a top. Skirts, dresses, leggings, tunics, pants that aren't jeans. All kinds of stuff! 
  • I used to consider myself a good dresser, but motherhood has kind of caused me to put myself at the bottom of the list, and so clothes and how I look just haven't seemed as important. Maybe especially considering the changes my body has seen since growing two perfect little people. But this past month has shown me that I think I'm ready to stop hiding, and be myself on the outside again, if that makes any sense at all.
  • Leggings are my new best friend. Not only are they comfy (so comfy!) and allow me to wear about three dresses (languishing in my closet) I had decided were a little bit too short, they've also opened up a whole new direction of clothing that I hadn't even considered before. Shirt and sweater dresses, here I come! I want to try this one from Target and this one from Kohl's, for starters. (Although, can you really wear plaid now if you also wore it in the '90s?) Also, I can run errands, mop floors and wrestle kids in them without having to think too much about whether I'm still decent or not. 
  • This is kind of an odd one, but I think people are nicer to you when you are well-dressed. Cashiers are friendlier, strangers compliment your outfit and friends tell you how nice you look. I mean, I'd much rather people were nice to each other all the time regardless of how we look (isn't it when we look our worst that we could use a kind word the most?), but it is undeniably nice to have someone appreciate it your efforts when you up your game, even if it is a fellow Target shopper. 
  • A couple of friends have told me that they have felt inspired to "channel Tamsin" and put on a skirt instead of their regular jeans on a plain old weekday, and that just makes me glow. Especially because I know how much better I've been feeling about myself this last month, and if anyone else feels a little of that in their own life, well, what more could I ask for?
And now to make friends with pants again. 


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