Pants pants pants!

(I haven't taken any outfit selfies yet (so awkward!), so this gigantoid pic I took on Sunday will have to do).

I thought I'd give you a quick update on my jeans-less living. I'm 12 days in, and so far so good. So far I've just been wearing skirts, which is nice in that it makes me feel a bit more put together, and it's forcing me to look a little harder at my closet. I've worn a couple of skirts and dresses I haven't pulled out of the closet in at least a year. I've also had to weed out a few thing that appear to have shrunk in the closet when I haven't been looking. Ahem.

On the upside, I've discovered the joys of leggings, which allow me to wear some of the dresses I decided at some point were too short, and still be comfortable, which is actually really awesome. And they're comfy, which definitely matters when you're trying to clean a bathroom or chase an almost 2 year-old around the playground.

Because some of the skirts and dresses I've been wearing are knee length-ish, I've been having to make time to shave my legs a lot more regularly, which my husband would tell you is all good news, but it is one more thing I have to take into account and make time for when I'm getting ready in the morning.

The weather has still been pretty warm, so bare legs still works fine for now, but I am seeing some tights and non-jeans pants in my future before the month is up, I think. Speaking of which, I want to ask your opinion: How are we feeling about Pixie pants, i.e, pants that are cropped at the ankle? I quite like these ones from Old Navy, but am a little concerned that on a long-legged curvy girl like me, it might just look like I've outgrown my pants. Y'know? These black flare khakis seem like they'd be much more in my comfort zone, without actually being a pair of blue jeans. Looks like there might be a shopping trip in my future! You should come.

There's a chance I might be veering from my own rules this weekend as we're going to spending the night in Park City, and then taking Espen on the Alpine Slide. It looks like lots of fun, but maybe not a job for a skirt. I'll plan on shorts, but if it's going to be colder up there in the mountains, I'll be packing a pair of jeans. I feel so naughty!

Well, it's time to pick Espen up from school, and I think it is also high time for this post to be over. See ya!


  1. I think I'd feel like my pants weren't fitting right with that length, but if you like it go for it!

  2. Yeah, I think I would feel like my pants were just floods... it would probably drive me crazy hitting me right above the ankle. BUT - let's be honest, I'm so short that those pants would probably be too long on me anyway. :)
    I'm all about the flare-leg pants. Seriously so comfy!! I finally had to break down this past winter and buy some straight-leg jeans and it was a weird transition.

  3. I love ankle pants. The key word is ankle. They have to sit right on the ankle or slightly below.


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