And into the fire.

How I felt on Sunday night, after taking myself off "life support".
I hadn't even finishes out one project before I jumped into the next one, namely a Facebook break. I've been feeling for quite some time that I was wasting way too much time on Facebook, so I decided to take a week off completely to break my habit a little bit and reevaluate my usage. So I deleted the Facebook app from my phone and both iPads, and declared I would not access it on the laptop until next Sunday night.

By now, I am about halfway through, and I have to say it's going much better than expected. I don't think I have curled up, cold-sweating in the fetal position even once! I do find that I miss it, but mostly in the times when I'm relaxing for a few minutes, or procrastinating doing something else. When I'm busy doing the things I actually need  or want to do, Facebook is neither nor there.

Here's when I do miss it:

  • As mentioned, when I have a few minutes to spare and nothing really to fill those minutes with.
  • When one of the kids says or does something cute and funny. I've just been posting those on Facebook so they are recorded somewhere that I can find them, and where family and friends can laugh at them too. 
  • When I want to crowdsource a question. Right now I need a great recipe for raspberry freezer jam, and I wish I had 300+ friends at my fingertips to ask for one.
  • When I've written a new blog post. I usually post a link to my blog updates over on my Project Project Facebook page, and a lot of my readers will follow that link over here to read the post. My last post has only had 10 page views so far, and I am feeling a bit lonely and forlorn! (And there are no comments! I love comments..!) Come back, Facebook friends!
  • When I want to feel connected. Most of my nearest and dearest live far enough away that Facebook has been a great way to share photos, thoughts and a little of our day-to-day. I miss hearing from them! Similarly, we live in a neighborhood that relies pretty heavily on Facebook to keep everyone updated on what is going on in our community, and without it I have no clue. 
  • Oh, this is a sad one: I miss Facebook first thing in the morning. I usually check email and Facebook posts while I get my eyes open, and I miss that little wakeup ritual. On the upside, it's taking me a lot less time to actually get going in the mornings. 
I don't know that a week without Facebook is going to make a whole lot of difference in my internet (over) usage, but I have already found that I am more cognizant and aware of my behavior, which can only be a step in the right direction. The next step will likely be figuring out what changes I might want to make once this week is up. Until then, wish me luck!


  1. Wow, I don't know if I have the self controll to go cold turkey on my Facebook habit like you, but well done for keeping iit up! Your last point about what you miss made me giggle, as that is my morning wake up ritual too, maybe you are onto something and I'll be able to get more done in a day by cutting back on the FB time ....


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