Something for the weekend

We had a picnic with friends up in the canyons on Sunday, and I highly recommend it!
Hoping to get up into the mountains this weekend too.

We made it to Friday again, friends! Do you have a lot going on this weekend, or do you get to relax? Other than Espen going to a birthday party, we don't have a single plan all weekend long - which feel pretty great. Admittedly, there will be some yard work (I can't wait for the snow to come and save us from mowing the lawn!) and we might work on some shelves we (and by we, I mean Nick) are making for the bathrooms. That could potentially take up most of our Saturday, but at least we can do it while we wear our comfies and hang around at home. And I am definitely seeing a North Family Movie Night in our future.

A few things from the week:

  • This is such a weird little video, but I can't stop watching. Try picking one little person and following their journey across the screen. It's weirdly compelling, isn't? Fun fact: the software used to make this video was created by the company my husband works for! 
  • The Earth in true perspective. Oh man, this makes my head spin, especially when they get to the Hubble space telescope taking pictures of a seemingly empty spot of the sky. 
  • I think I mentioned this last week, but this Sunday is the week when the children at church lead the main meeting. At best it is sweet, spiritual and inspiring to learn from these tiny people. At worst it is completely hilarious as things start to unravel. I am so excited! This post from will give you an idea of what we might have to look forward to. 
  • From the sublime to the ridiculous, posting about unusual book stores last week kept reminding me of the comedy show Black Books, which is one of my all-time favorites. Watch some clips here to get a feel of the show, or watch the entire thing here on Hulu. Moo-ma and Moo-pa is my favorite episode. :)
  • And on a completely different note again, I enjoyed this article about what the company Firestone did when Ebola broke out on their plantation in Liberia. It really illustrates, I think, what can be accomplished when you have innovation, resources and determination at your disposal. 
  • I've been wanting to see this exhibit of film costumes, and December 6th will be here before I know it, so it's time to get myself over to the BYU Museum of Art. Who's coming with me? I dearly love a pretty dress, don't you? Plus it might be the closest you and I will ever get to Johnny Depp!
  • Speaking of pretty dresses, just had a sale, and I treated myself to two new ones (this one and this one). Fingers crossed for good results, and thank goodness for good return policies! 
  • We have been talking about finishing our basement lately, and so we've been daydreaming about building an indoor treehouse for the kids. Wouldn't that be awesome? I'm tempted by this one from Pottery Barn Kids, but we're not going to have 11 ft ceilings in our basement! ... or $1500 to spare. Still, a mom can dream, right?
  • The others are cool too, but I loved this photo of Helen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin. There's just something so candid, real and almost intimate about it that I really like. Plus Charlie Chaplin just looks like a nice guy, don't you think?
Have a lovely weekend!


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