Update! Art City Salad

It only took me five years, but I finally remembered to take a photo (or to ask Nick to take a photo) of  my Art City salad before we snarfled the whole thing, so I'm reposting the recipe complete with photo! 

As it happens, we're one of those families that eat. I know, right? So, as a direct consequence of our food consuming ways, we have also been known to cook. And every once in a while, that cooking leads to a new recipe or two of our very own. Should I share? Oh, go on then:

This is the delectable Art City Rip-Off Salad. I kept ordering the same salad (The Real McCoy) every time we went to Art City Trolley in Springville, so I decided to make my own version of it. The main differences are the dressing, and the fact that mine doesn't contain bacon. It has to be said that I will happily gobble up bacon if someone else puts it in my salad, but I really can't see myself frying up bacon and tossing it with my leafy greens. Don't be frightened by the scarily-named cheese: this salad is pretty, yummy and tastes like summer on a plate!

Art City Rip-Off Salad


(Note: These amounts are all approximations, and can easily be adjusted.
1 Green leaf lettuce head
1/2 cup dried cranberries
5 oz. crumbled Gorgonzola cheese
1/3 cup honey roasted almonds (I buy the Almond Accent bags)
1 large chicken breast in lemon pepper marinade.
Poppy seed dressing (I ever so very strongly recommend Brianna's)

1. Thaw and marinate the chicken for as long as your little heart desires. Slice into strips.
2. Cook chicken in a skillet until it's completely cooked and starting to brown. Set aside.
3. Wash, slice and chop lettuce, place it in a lovely serving bowl.
4. Add gorgonzola cheese, cranberries, almonds and chicken. Serve with poppy seed dressing, or another sweet dressing of your choice.

PS: If you happen to live somewhere where things like honey roasted almonds, gorgonzola cheese and poppy seed dressing are not readily available (like, oh... Norway) and you want to try this salad, leave me a message and I'll help you figure out what might work for you!


  1. I haven't eaten at Art City Trolley, but this style of salad is my very favorite!

    Greens with cranberries, a soft but tangy cheese, and sweet nuts. It is oh so delicious! (Sorry, I'm not a dressing fan at all, but I bet the poppy seed makes it so good.)

    Also, at Costco they have a mix that's really similar (I hope that doesn't crush your Art City dreams). It's a bagged salad called the "Parisian" blend, or something like that.


  2. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! (happy dance of joy) Thank you thank you for posting the ingreeds of this delicious masterpiece! Your rip off is a work of its own merit. I have thought about it a few times since you made it for us on Sunday. SO good. It has inspired me to make more salads for a meal.

    I mean, salads are versatile. They're delicious, filling, and GOOD FOR YOU. They get a bad rep, but I tell you. Salad is where it's at.

    I had forgotten this.

    You reminded me.

    And now, my friend, you have given me the TOOLS to rip off your rip off!

    Much obliged!

  3. Trish - I heart salads with nuts and fruit and cheese ever so very much! And no, I'm not heartbroken about the Costco salads because I prefer making my own salad to buying one in a bag. Although I might go look at their ingredients to see if there is anything I want to add :)

    Stepper - Yay, I'm glad you liked the salad! We're all about vegetabley goodness as the weather gets warmer. And also all about ice cream and barbecues, which, perhaps, defeats some of the point.

  4. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! They do have great salads! Glad your making them at home too.

  5. Love their salads! will try. My favorite is the Art City Special Salad. Am I a lame-o for commenting on all your old posts? Is just that I haven't read up for a while.

  6. Hauber, I love that you comment on my blogs - old or not. It makes me feel loved!


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