Kite flying

The other day I took Gwen shopping with me while our boys stayed home, and as it was a windy day, they got out Espen's kite. Do you think they had a good time?

And send it soaring. 
So high!
Keeping a close eye on things.
Getting fancy and flying his kite from the top of the playset. 
So happy. 
Getting even fancier and flying his kite while upside-down on the swing. Natch.
This kid! I love this this kid so much.
Can't you just see how much he loves his dad behind the camera in this one?
Do you know what I really love about the photos, besides the fact that my son is adorable, and my husband is getting pretty handy with a camera? I love how clearly you can see the fun that Espen had with his dad, and the love that those two share. The whole event took less than an hour of Nick's time on a Saturday afternoon, cost $0 and only required putting on a pair of shoes and stepping outside. So incredibly simple. But the return on being the kind of dad who takes the time to do this kind of thing is absolutely priceless.

Will you tell me about the good dads in your life?


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