Reporting back on the treat-free sitch

Girlfriend knows how to party!
Monday morning and day 3 of my treat-free month! So far, so good. I am absolutely counting the days to April 1st when I can have treats again (no chocolate-related April Fool's pranks, please!), but not really feeling the pain yet.

A few observations so far:

  • Espen went to a birthday party on day 1, and really wanted his mama to have a cookie when I picked him up. I was a little hesitant to risk hurting his feelings, but I just said no thank you, and he didn't mind in the least. 
  • Along those lines, Espen is a sharer. If he has cookies or crackers or marshmallows, he wants to share them with you, which is so sweet and I love it! I don't want to discourage that at all, because I think it's so great that he wants to share without being told. So I guess that either we will be doing healthier snacks all around, or it might be a good time for him to learn that it's OK for people to say no thank you. 
  • Still on the topic of kid's snacks, I've noticed how easily I pop a fruit snack when I open a bag for the kids, or grab a handful or crackers when I'm serving some for them. And while I do generally choose snacks for the kids that are on the healthier side, it's probably not worth it for me to eat things if I'm not even really conscious of doing it. Although, again if I go for even healthier options for the kids, then there is little harm in popping the occasional grape or blueberry. 
  • Starting on a weekend was tricky. Starting on a weekend than contains the Scandinavian holiday of Fastelavn (sort of a Fat Tuesday, but on a Sunday) which seemed to compel people to fill up my newsfeed with pictures of their tasty Fastelavn treats - like this, was nigh unto torturous.  
  • I seem to have programmed my body to expect a little something-something at night. Nine o'clock rolls around and my mind all of a sudden turns to thoughts of cookies! Even on Saturday night when I was still pretty full from dinner, I found myself pondering if there might be room for a little something sweet. It wasn't really a problem on Saturday night because I wasn't hungry at all, but on Sunday night I felt insatiable! We had a fruit salad for dessert earlier on in the evening, but then by 10 PM I felt like I was starving! So I hunkered down with a handful of almonds and a tall glass of water, and while I still felt hungry, they definitely took the edge off. I can see that retraining myself to not need a treat every night (or at least not an unhealthy treat) is going to be tricky. 
  • Telling everyone what I'm doing and how it's going is pretty motivating for me. I've blogged about it, posted about it on Facebook and Instagram, and people are super supportive! So consider this my shameless bid for comments on this post - if I feel like you care, then I'll want to show you that I can do it. Props to my lovely friend Laura for going the extra friendship mile and actually joining in for the month of March! OK, so she was going to do it on her own anyway, but it is so nice to have an ally, even if she lives far away in California. 
Anyway, onwards and upwards! 29 days to go. 


  1. I don't know if he mentioned it, but Matt started the same challenge on February 15. He's doing 90 days. It's been hard on him too. He is making a lot of smoothies and realizing by the way his body is reacting that he really was depending a lot on sugar for his energy and his down time and his snacking and lots of things. (He probably could explain better than me.) Anyway, know you have another ally in Matt. Keep up the good work!

  2. I think it's awesome you are doing this! I did a week of no treats in January and have attempted it again a few times since but haven't been successful again. I have been trying to have nothing but water after 7 pm every night and have done really well almost very day for about 5 or 6 weeks. It helps so much because usually when I eat late at night it isn't ever healthy. Good luck!!!

  3. I just came over from Pinterest following your post about letter A. I enjoyed my visit so I looked for your current post. What a great idea to watch your sweets. It sounded like me talking. I like a chocolate too at night. Your inspire! Oh and I noticed the birthday party post. My daughter and I were just talking last night about a Super Hero party for my 5 year old grandson. You had some great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I am going to follow you so I can keep in touch. I haven't been blogging late spending too much time on Pinterest. I just started teaching preschool and I am just loving it and finding ideas. But come by and see me!
    I am at
    Have a wonderful week,


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