Bump of the Day: Me!

More projects are on their way, but until then:

My cute friend and neighbour, Stepper, is devoting her blog this week to baby bumps and the women who have them, and I have the great honor of being the first interviewee of the week!

Read all about it here.

Please consider yourself warned that Stepper writes a great blog and has an absolutely adorable son (OK, and husband), and you are likely to become just as smitten with her as we are.


  1. Okay, I LOVED READING THIS! you are so adorable and so is that bump!

    i'm adding this cuteness to my blog list.

  2. [This is really Clay signed in as Amy]

    That was a great interview. I love interviews. Amy has been doing a lot of them and then we were both interviewed recently too. Amy adds: you are looking so cute, sweet pregnant Tamsin! We love the groovy gifts you got for the sweet pea.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! I agree - your interview was super cute.

    And thanks for introducing us to Portobello Market. A new obsession for a couple of game junkies? I think maybe so!

    If only Billy had more time during the week to play games. :S

  4. Loved the profile spotlight on you! It was so fun to read. :)

  5. Liz: yay, I'm glad you find me! Now I can admit to the occasional blog stalk over on your blog. But really, that's your own fault for having such fabulous hats at your wedding.

    Clayton: One of my embarrassing secrets is that I have always interviewed myself in my head, ever since I was a little girl. But it was fun to not have to make up both the questions and the answers :)

    Oh, Stepper: We will always have
    Portobello market.

    Carolyn: Thanks! It was nice to be indulged in all of my pregnancy obsessions :)


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