Project Black Thumb: Summer's lease hath all too short a date

OK, not really. At least not in Utah, it doesn't. I'm on of the people who fail to see the point in summers so hot that you can't go outside in them and who looks forward to September and cooler weather with a song in my heart. Jeans! Knitwear! The outside of my house!
So to remind myself of some of the glories that summer brought to our particular house, I give you the fruits and flowers of our labour:

First up, our raspberries! The previous owners of our house left us some raspberry canes, and they have been valiantly battling for world domination ever since. Seeing as we haven't put much work into our little garden yet, we have mostly let them grow where they wanted to, and this summer they rewarded us with a bumper crop of berries. We ate them by the fistful, on cereal, with ice cream and with chocolate pudding. We also made jam, which was so tasty that we gobbled most of it up before we had a chance to take a photo of it.

Then we decided to prettify the other garden bed, previously a sand box for the three little boys who lived here before us. We planted a pink cosmo, lots of salvias and (I think) a begonia? It was such an improvement on the weed filled sand box that it made me happy just to look out of the window and see all the colours.

And finally, our front door needing a little tarting up, so we filled a glazed blue ceramic pot with pink petunias, and they kept flowering all summer long. Especially nice, considering my propensity to kill every plant within a 30 ft radius.

Sadly, our flowers didn't look quite as lovely and healthy after three weeks of neglect while we were in Norway. So I'll let this little post serve as a memorial to them, and a reminder to me of what plants are supposed to look like, as opposed to the sad little brown things we have right now.


  1. I kill everything, too. But I'm excited for when I can try a little gardening again. :)

    Your raspberries look delicious!

    I hope you had fun in Norway!

  2. Bit of a Barbie garden, isn't it -with all that pink?
    would just like to stste to the civilized people who read this that Tamsin once made a similar comment on my rather pink garden.simplism

  3. I agree: love the colors in your garden, and those beautiful raspberries look delicious.

    I don't agree: I dread fall because it means winter is coming. I look forward to spring with a song in my heart. It's capris and flip flops I long for while they are away.

  4. YEAHHHHH!!!!! Sweater weather! I can't wait. The little green flowers on the left with yellow/orange plumes are appropriately called Plume or Yellow Celosia. I love em'...which means your garden isn't all PINK haha! Very cute, nice job.

  5. I so hear you about longing for September. Who wants to stay in an air-conditioned house all day? Well, apparently me, because that's what I do on those 90 degree days, but I'd much rather be strolling around in perfect t-shirt and jeans weather, like today! Well, not during the thunder storms, though I adore those too!


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