Chore Chart Week: Tuesday

It struck me today, while taking vaguely artsy photos of my bathroom fixtures (that I don't even like), that blogging makes you do some funny things. Meh, whatever gets the job done, right?

And today, my friends, I got the job done.

I cleaned three bathrooms. Granted, I had cleaned them all last week, which made the job a lot quicker and easier. Which yet again goes on to support my thesis that this project does, in fact, rock my housekeeping world. The first two probably took about 30 minutes total: I cleaned the mirror. I wiped down and disinfected all the fixtures and surfaces. I cleaned the toilet. I put in fresh towels and refilled the soap dispenser. I rinsed and repeated and moved on to the next bathroom.

Then I read books with Espen, who let me know that he was not a huge fan of playing on the carpet outside the bathroom door. And, honestly, neither was I, as bathroom cleaners and babies do not seem like a winning combination. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a non-toxic bathroom cleaner that actually works on hard water stains. However, we were both fans of story time, and you will be endlessly relieved to know that we did find our monster - its ears are so fluffy!

While Espen napped, I finished up the third bathroom. It only took 20 minutes, and so I was all done by 4:30 PM. And then I relaxed. Nice!

In other news, I just finished my fifth cap for Caps for Good! I'm hoping to make three more by Friday, for a total of eight. And very coolly, the people at sent me a little shout-out on their Facebook page. That made my day :)


  1. One of my more hippie friends only cleans with a vinegar and water mixture. It's not the greatest smelling stuff, but I think it's pretty kid-friendly. I've also heard that both vinegar and lemon juice will remove hard water and soap scum. Also, there's the old standard of baking soda, too.

    Hope that helps!

    I'm thoroughly impressed with your chore chart week!


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